Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First Bite: Kumori Cheese Tarts

Kumori has been a favorite of the foodie community ever since it opened its first store in Manila. With its mouthwatering cheesecakes and other delectable baked goods, it’s not surprising that many went crazy and got hooked. I have to admit, I’m one of them. Though pricey for a small cheesecake, I’d find myself buying a few to satisfy my moist cheesecake cravings. And when a fellow foodie recommended Kumori’s cheese tarts, I just have to try it if it is at par with Hajuku Kobo. 

Hello again, Kumori!
After doing some errands, I went straight to the Kumori kiosk in Landmark’s food court and ordered three cheese tarts to go. For PHP60 per piece, I find it a bit steep for a small tart. But if it’s as good as they claim, then I’d definitely get my money’s worth. 

I decided to get three tarts that day and ate one as soon as I paid for it.
It was… not as good as I thought. Though it had that nice faint cheese taste and smooth tart filling, something was off with the tart itself which I could not pinpoint. Perhaps it was because the ones I got were not warm enough? It was just not as good as the ones from Hanjuku Kobo which had a fluffier center and a crumblier crust. 
Disappointed with my tarts, I didn’t touch the other two tarts and just placed it inside the fridge. And that was when magic happened. 

I ate the other two the following day without popping it in the oven. I ate it chilled and surprisingly, it tasted a lot better! The consistency of the tart was more enjoyable and it tasted better as well. 

I’m not sure if it would have been better warm but I’m satisfied with the chilled version and I don’t want to experiment with my PHP60 tart.

I know it’s near impossible but I hope that the other two cheese tart shops will price their goodies at friendlier prices. 

Kumori is located at Landmark Food Court, Lower Ground, Landmark Makati, Makati City.  

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