Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love at First Bite: Urameshi-Ya

It has been months since I saw J's Urameshi-Ya Instagram post and I can't help dream about unlimited wagyu, oysters and scallops. The best part is that it only costs PHP500 (plus service charge). Thankfully, some loolooers were game to brave the Makati weekday traffic to visit the Little Tokyo's not so hidden gem. Since most are free today, July 4 (which also happens to be a Monday, the surest day that Urameshi-ya has wagyu), we decided to go for it! 
Hello, Urameshi-Ya!
Little Tokyo was a ghost town when we arrived as most restaurants open at 5 pm. While waiting, we enjoyed some ice cream from Dojo which I will review separately. 
It was just 4:30 pm when Che Che of Urameshi-Ya approached our table asking if we're complete as we could already start if we want to. We were pleased as it means that we could eat earlier as I was famished! (I only had SkyFlakes in preparation for this feast!)
Soon, we were given tongs and griller. (We were given two but the other griller was placed on our table after 10 minutes or so.)

We ordered oysters, scallops, shrimps, sausages, garlic beef and wagyu. We took our time taking photos without realizing that our 45 minute time limit started as soon as all ingredients were placed on the table. Blogger priorities. 
The griller's smoke went straight to my direction making it hard for me to see the food being grilled. There were also a few times I teared up and coughed because our culinary skills needed some work. In short, our first wagyu cubes were as black as coal. 
J, R and C took the lead in feeding the rest of us and I got to enjoy my money's worth. I got loads of wagyu cubes, a couple of scallops and oysters, sausages and some garlic beef and one shrimp. (I opted to just try one shrimp because I'm lazy to remove the shell.) 
The wagyu cubes are soft and slightly sweet. The chefs added some salt to the meat for extra flavor and it turned out better! 
The shrimp I got seemed to be a bit overcooked making the meat stick to the shell. 

The oysters and scallops though were divine. I just didn't like that we had to wait a couple of minutes before we enjoy these God's perfect creations. 
J loved the garlic beef and it was indeed good. It was well marinated and a tad sweet. It reminded me of beef teriyaki. 

There were different types of sausages and some were spicy. I didn't try the hot ones and went with the regular one. It was great and was just like Jollibee's which I absolutely love!

I'd say that this buffet is bang for the buck! And I would love to go back for more! 

Tip #1: Go on a Monday to enjoy the complete spread of meats and seafood.
Tip #2: Dine outside to avoid gagging for air and for better photos. 

Tip #3: Just get that miso soup. It's part of the buffet.  #paramassulit

Tip #4: Salad might be a better option compared to rice so that you could enjoy more meat and seafood. 

Tip #5: If it's raining hard, WATCH YOUR STEP. 

P.S. I filed for half day just to go here! Worth it!

Urameshi-Ya is located at 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Little Tokyo, Makati City. It is across Makati Cinema Square.

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