Thursday, August 11, 2016

First Bite: Coffee Project

I love adorable cafés. I really appreciate it when owners invest time, money or both in designing their coffee shops. And when I saw a few reviews about Coffee Project, I knew that I have to visit this place! 
Hello, Coffee Project
The very feminine coffee shop is screaming beautiful in every corner. I just have to take snapshots of the overly yet tastefully decorated ceiling and hallway before placing my order. 
Since we were expecting to visit a lot of restaurants, I opted to share a breakfast rice meal with R. We ordered Garlic Beef Tapa (PHP295) and I ordered a glass of Caphe Sua Da (PHP155) for my drink as I badly needed coffee yesterday. (I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.) 
After placing our orders (or was it before?), J and I had fun with our mini photoshoot by the corridor towards the quaint washroom of the establishment. This is the perfect spot if you want a new profile picture! 
First served was the Caphe Sua Da. It was served with the condensed milk at the bottom of the glass and the dripped coffee on top of it. There was also a separate glass of ice where you pour the sweetened coffee after. 
It was good though I find it too sweet. It would have been nicer if they put the condensed milk in a separate glass or container so that I could control my drink's sweetness. 
Our food arrived within the acceptable 15 minute mark and first served was Abe's and Jai's deconstructed 3 piece Garlic Longganisa (PHP295 each). It came with two sunny side up eggs, half of a tomato and garlic rice. Surprisingly, they didn't feel that there was not much longganisa for the rice. I guess serving it deconstructed is a nice way to portion your viand well. 

As for the taste, it was pretty good. It was salty yet not overpowering. It was tender and juicy enough as well. It was well complemented by the garlic rice. 
The Garlic Beef Tapa was better than the longganisa for me. (I'm a tapa lover.) Though cooked sweet, I enjoyed the nice garlic taste of the dish. 
Drizzling it with vinegar also captured the sweet and tangy tapa taste that I love. The eggs though were too salty.
Abe ordered a slice of Yema Cake (PHP120) for every one to enjoy after our first real meal. And it was pretty dense. The small slice of cake was rich in flavor and the texture was thick. It's the type of cake that I'd be done with after one or two bites.
Sweet tooth Jai also ordered a slice of Nutella Cake (PHP195) after finishing the yema cake and it was surprisingly bigger than the former cake. The taste was also very rich and undeniably Nutella. Though others enjoyed it, I find it too cloying. Or maybe these are best paired with strong coffee to balance the flavors out. 
Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Service was good and food was delectable. The desserts were just a bit overwhelming. But hey, it makes one slice perfect to be shared with your date! 
Tip #1: The place sell cute finds too by the counter and are reasonably priced. Go check it out. 
Tip #2: Inspired by Coffee Project's interiors? Those flower ornaments are also for sale at All Home, the huge department and hardware store where Coffee Project is located. 
Coffee Project is located at Ground Floor, Vista Place, E. Lopez Drive, Diliman, Quezon City.

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