Monday, May 16, 2016

First Bite: Kozui

I have heard of Kozui before and it seems to be a go to place for matcha lovers. I just never braved the traffic to buy a soft serve ice cream especially since Family Mart is a lot closer. But with C in our group and with her love for matcha, we headed to the well-loved (and pioneer) matcha joint for some cold treats. 

Hello, Kozui Green Tea!
The place was a lot smaller and worn out than I pictured. The place actually looked… sad. 
Anyway, I decided to go with Green Tea Anmitsu with strawberries (PHP150/bowl) and shared it with C as we were trying to save space for other dishes.
Our bowl was served after a few minutes and the first thing I looked for was the strawberries. Apparently, it was just some sort of strawberry jam-slash-jello. 

After a few snapshots and trying our best to make the soft serve green tea ice cream look greener in photos, we took a spoonful. 
The green tea taste was quite mild and wasn’t something noteworthy. It went well though with the other toppings—red beans/azuki, that pink mush which I have no idea what it was, and strawberry jello-jam
Sadly, I have had better soft serve matcha ice cream from Senju, Chaya and Le Petit Soufflé.
I don’t think I’ll ever brave the traffic just to visit this place. 

Kozui Green Tea is located at 258-B Tomas Morato Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

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