Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I go crazy whenever I see promos. I recently downloaded SM Supermalls, Krispy Kreme and Yellow Cab for awesome freebies. And last night, I spotted another cool reason to download another app. 

After the fun McChicken promo, McDonald’s once again making noise in social media.


Yes, McDonald’s is giving away free cheeseburgers and you do not need to be named after a burger or have your name sound like one. You also do not have to sing a cheesy song just to get your free cheesy treat. 
All you have to do is download the McDonald’s app on iTunes or Google Play. Once downloaded, set your profile and log in. 
Click the Refer a Friend tab to get your promo code and share it to all your friends (or contacts if you really want a lot of cheeseburgers). Note though that even your gazzilion friends put in your promo code, you are only entitled to a maximum of 30 cheeseburger coupons. Also, you could only claim one cheeseburger per transaction. 
Lazy to visit the nearest McDonald’s? You can have your free cheeseburger delivered! You just have to pay for the delivery fee. (Yes, there is no required purchase for you to claim your free cheeseburger! How awesome is that?!) 

This promo is valid until June 20, 2016 and redemption is valid until August 20, 2016. Redemption is not available during breakfast hours (4 am to 10:30 am).
Use my promo code for instant free cheeseburger!

Hooray for promos!   

For more details, visit McDonald’s PH website.

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