Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Love at First Bite: Dohtonbori

Thanks to the mouthwatering photos I see here, I had a few sleepless nights and experienced intense FOMO (oh yeah! I feel like a millennial) when looloo held a rendezvoos in this popular okonomiyaki restaurant along Missouri Street. And after months of drooling and waiting and more drooling, I have finally set foot inside... DOHTONBORI!!! 
PON POKO PON NO PON!!! (Did I get it right?) 
We were asked if we would like to dine in the tatami mat area and I immediately said YES. Let's eat Japanese style! Woohoo!!!
Water was served right after we sat down. (Plus points for that as the heat was too much!)
After browsing the menu, we settled with Deluxe Okonomiyaki (PHP360), Kalbi Yakiniku (PHP280) and Grilled Salmon Chanchan (PHP380).
The kale yakiniku was served first and the server prepared it for us due to our fear that we'll mess things up if we do the grilling and flipping. In less than 10 minutes, the kalbi yakiniku was ready to be enjoyed. 
It was good. Tender beef with lovely sweet sauce. However, it was a bit on the bland side. 
The deluxe okonomiyaki and salmon chanchan were prepared next and it took longer than the yakiniku
While waiting and being exposed to the heat of the teppan plate, we kidded that our legs will be skinny after an unexpected sauna experience. 
It took roughly 15 minutes before both dishes were ready to be "attacked". 
I loved the deluxe okonomiyaki! It had a lovely mix of textures from the octopus, scallops, shrimps, beef, chicken, pork, squid and tempura bits. Crunchy, chewy, soft... It was a roller coaster gastronomical experience! 😆
The okonomiyaki sauce made the dish a bit sweet while the nori and bonito flakes added saltiness to it. 
The salmon chanchan was flavorful too. It had a strong miso taste that made me crave for rice. Earl and K liked it too. K particularly enjoyed the vegetables. 😋
Overall, it was a great dining experience! The servers were very friendly and were quick with our requests. 

I will definitely bring R in Dohtonbori soon! ❤️

TIPS: Wear nice socks if you want to eat at the tatami area. You will be asked to remove your shoes. Also, ask for iced water or cold tea. You'll need it when they turn on the teppan plate. 

Dohtonbori is located at 8 Missouri Street, Northwest Greenhills, San Juan City.

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