Monday, April 18, 2016

Love at First Bite: Buta+Wagyu

I have read a few reviews about this wagyu place in SM Aura that serves A5 wagyu beef. All reviews say that the place serve quality beef but it comes with an expensive price. I told R about it but we didn’t really bother going as even with us two, I’m sure that we have to shell out around PHP10,000 for a nice and filling meal. But then R’s dad wanted to bring one of their business suppliers there for dinner and R told me to tag along. So we got to try it for free! Yay!

Hello, Buta+Wagyu!
The wagyu restaurant is located at the Sky Park of SM Aura, beside Kettle. I didn’t notice it at first as the entrance of the place is flushed inside the walkway and is right beside the escalator going to Niu. It has another dining area right across where we dined. R, his dad and business suppliers were already there when I arrived. 

Since I was the resident foodie that time, I ordered for us. We got a Stone Grill Sampler (PHP8,500 + PHP300 cooking charge) and 300g of Sirloin Hida Steamed Wagyu (PHP1640/100g + PHP300 cooking charge). I also got a glass of Apple Cucumber Shake (PHP250) while R got Cantaloupe Shake (PHP160). 
While waiting for our dishes, I munched on the complimentary side dishes—anchovies and kimchi. (I hate kimchi but I was too hungry to be a picky eater. I actually finished the whole thing!)
Soon, our steamed wagyu was served. 

It was so soft and perfectly cut. I enjoyed dipping it in Ponzu sauce and putting a bit of wagyu spice and garlic chips for extra flavor. It was so good that we ordered rice to go with it and we also ordered another 300g right after we finished the first serving. That was another PHP5,220 to our tummies.
The platter of raw wagyu cuts was presented to us while enjoying the steamed wagyu. We asked the servers to prepare it medium and to just provide us with a hot stone grill for us to cook the meat even more if needed as some do not like seeing blood in their meat. 
It took about 10 minutes after we finished our steamed wagyu when the platter came. The Ohmi platter comes with Rib Eye, Sirloin, Chateaubriand and Chuckroll cuts. All were amazingly good! 
The rib eye which is from the top part of the center section of the rib had the most marbling. It also had the most fat. 
Sirloin which is from the back part of the ribs and tenderloin also had good marbling and lovely sweet flavor.    

It was my first time to hear chuck roll. Apparently, it comes from the neck, shoulder blades and upper arms. It had moderate amount of fat which gave it a great natural flavor.
My favourite was Chateaubriand which was the tenderest meat I have ever popped inside my mouth. It was the melts in your mouth type of meat. Known to be the most luxurious part of the beef carcass, it was also the priciest wagyu served that night.

We couldn’t help but order another platter! (We ordered four in total!)
I also tried the Organic Pork and Wagyu Gyoza (PHP280) which was juicy and flavorful as well. 
It was as good as the gyoza served at my all time favorite, Kitchitora
R’s mom also ordered Steamed Iberian Pork Rolls (PHP420) which was an unpopular dish that night. I guess our tastebuds were spoiled by the scrumptious and succulent wagyu cuts that this dish didn’t stand a chance.   

Before our desserts, we toasted to a wonderful meal and opened a bottle of Dom Perignon. There was a corkage though of PHP1 per milliliter so we had to pay PHP750 total for it. 
After finishing the champagne, our lime sorbet was served to cleanse the palate. Its light and tangy taste was perfect!
Overall, it was a fantastic night! The bill though was a bit too steep for me to visit soon. Our total damage was almost PHP55,000. 

Buta+Wagyu is located at 5th Floor, SM Aura Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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