Friday, April 29, 2016

First Bite: Shutter Café

It was already past 1 p.m. when C and I decided to head elsewhere for lunch. We initially planned to wait for J to pick us up to escape the harsh rage of the sun but we were itching to find a new spot and so we booked a cab and headed to Tomas Morato area and visited… Shutter Café. 
Hello, Shutter Café
The place looks so adorable with its display of vintage cameras. The place is divided into the actual camera store and a nook for eating. As a person who is more than satisfied with just my phone’s camera feature, we headed straight to the eating area. 
It was quiet when we went. Only one table with a small group of women learning how to knit was occupied when we got there. 
C and I decided to share our orders and went with Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (PHP165) and White Sauce Pasta (PHP165). I also got a glass of Lime Basil Lemonade (PHP100). 
I was surprised when they served my drink. It was more of orange brown than greenish yellow. Apparently, it was iced tea which came with the dishes we ordered. The person manning the counter didn’t even bother to tell me that our orders come with drinks. I could have cancelled my Lime Basil Lemonade. (And it was too late of course so that they could use the classic excuse that it was already put in the system hence they couldn’t cancel my unnecessary order.) At least the iced tea was refreshing. 
The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was served next and it was not photogenic at all. C and I had a hard time taking photos of this dish and we even walked around looking for the perfect angle/light and failed. 

The sliced beef was tender but it was overpowered by the cheese which tasted exactly like Cheez Whiz. And true enough, I spotted a jar of Cheez Whiz Pimiento on the shelf near the prepping counter. I guess for the price, you couldn’t expect much from it. 
White Sauce pasta was served next and it tasted like mushroom soup. It was a surprise that the pasta tasted like… soaps. It was quite bland that we had to ask for parmesan cheese. But since they were out, we got salt and pepper instead. It helped make the dish a bit more palatable. 
My Lime Basil Lemonade was served last and it was refreshing but had a weird after taste. It had that “bite” that I just could not explain. Did I like it? Not really. 

Overall, ambiance was great but food was average. The complimentary Wi-Fi was also extremely slow. I don’t think I’ll go back here for food or drinks. 

Shutter Café is located at 118 Scout Lazcano Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

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