Monday, November 2, 2015

When In Hong Kong: Ikea Bistro

I love Ikea. I simply could not resist visiting one whenever I find out that there’s one nearby. The adorable and affordable furniture pieces make me want to redesign my place ASAP. But aside from the smart space pieces, one thing I love about Ikea is… IKEA BISTRO. Oh meatballs!!!

Hello, Ikea!
It has been a while since I last visited one. I remember getting meatballs and soft-serve ice cream every time I visit. It was a sweet reward after walking around the huge Ikea store.
This time around, it was even more thrilling to look around especially since I now have my own space to spruce up. But let me skip my whole I-wanna-try-that, I-wanna-sit-on-that-one, and ooh-what-is-that-cool-thing phase and go straight to the mouthwatering snacks Ikea offers.
I was surprised that despite the massive size of the store, they scrimped on the bistro area. It makes you remember that you’re in Hong Kong where space is as precious (and expensive) as diamond.

Anyway, nothing can hinder me from getting my meatballs, even when the bistro is packed.
We got an order of Swedish Meatballs (HK$9, 5 pieces), Hotdog with Soft drink (HK$10), and Smokey Honey Sausage (HK$10, 3 pieces).

There was hardly any wait as after paying, we just have to queue for our orders which were served just like in cafeterias.
After filling our cup with Miranda and putting ketchup on our hotdog bun, we enjoyed our snacks alongside a marble counter near the escalator to the bistro.  
It was my first time to try the sausages and it reminded me of Jollibee’s breakfast sausages or longganisa as most of us call it. It was sweet and quite juicy. I love how firm and packed the sausages were prepared and I truly enjoyed the slight resistance of the skin when I bite.
The same sausage was used in the hotdog bun but I didn’t enjoy it as much since the bun was very dry.
The meatballs, of course, were delightful as always. I loved biting it a bit then dip it again in the lovely gravy to make sure that every side of the meatball gets gravy! How I wish I could bring a pack or two home.

Oh Ikea, please please please come to Manila!!!

Ikea Causeway Bay is located at Basement, 310 Gloucester Road, Park Lane Hotel, Hong Kong.

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