Saturday, November 7, 2015

Love at First Bite: Adaäm and Yves Organic Bistro

Getting to know fellow foodies have perks. I would have not heard of Adaäm and Yves Organic Bistro if it wasn’t for K. And after some stalking, I discovered that this is one of the newest restaurants in BGC. The location alone made me interested since it’s relatively near where I work so… I decided to pester one of my friends and dine there ASAP.
Hello, Adaäm and Yves Organic Bistro!
The place, where the entrance is along 6th Avenue, looks bare from the outside. There are about 8 tables inside with high ceiling making it look very spacious. The place is dimly lit hence it made me think right away how I’ll manage taking photos especially since I didn’t bring my other phone as additional light (for dramatic purposes).
I walked all the way from SM Aura to get here and I was hungry since an hour ago so I was already in my hangry state when I sat down.
Still in its soft opening, the server who assisted us had no idea what are being offered. He did suggest the “bestsellers” which happen to be the two most expensive dishes in the menu. When I asked him what makes it different, he just read the menu to me which, admittedly, annoyed me and made me snap.

Before losing it, I ordered Tuna Turner (PHP285) and Pink Floyd (PHP230) while J went with Noli Me Tangere (PHP495). [Side note: After telling the server my order, I think he spaced out and asked for my order again. He sure tested my patience.]

Service was quick though and in less than 10 minutes, Tuna Turner was served. And it was difficult to shoot it!
When Adaäm and Yves said it was a sashimi grade tuna loin, they were not kidding. It sure was fresh and delightful! The tangy taste from the lemon juice and slight oiliness from the olive oil made it a great appetizer to start the meal. 
The taro chips reminded me of the blue potato chips I usually get from flights.
J’s tapa was pretty good too. At first, I was kidding that it would most likely just taste like Tapa King’s and my congee will taste like Goto King’s. But this homemade Kitayama wagyu grass-fed beef tapa was yummy. Thinly sliced, it was marinated well as it leaves a lovely sweet taste. I liked contrasting it though with a bit of vinegar. It came with black garlic fried rice and two free-range eggs that could be prepared any style. But I don’t recall the server asking J about it.
My classic organic pink rice arroz caldo was pretty good. The strips of free-range chicken were also cooked well. It definitely tasted different from the usual Goto King and Goodah. The hard-boiled egg was still slightly undercooked to be considered hard-boiled but it was okay. I like it that way.
 It was a bit salty. But perhaps if I add chili paste or drizzle it with calamansi juice, it would have been better. Oh well, too late.
Overall, it was a good meal. The dishes we chose weren’t that pricey given the serving size. I just hope that they’d add more dishes in their menu (like dessert and more drinks).

Adaäm and Yves is located at Ground Floor, Icon Plaza, 6th Avenue corner 25th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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