Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Bite: Washoku de Azabu

I would never get tired of Japanese food. I’m too in love with sashimi, sushi and teppnyaki. Just a few weeks back, R and I had two Japanese meals in a row and we didn’t mind at all. One of the places we visited that weekend was Washoku de Azabu where the adorable M celebrated her 5th birthday.

Hello, Washoku de Azabu.
Auntie C mentioned that this place serves good food so I had high expectations. I’ve actually never heard of this restaurant before though I’ve been to BTTC. Anyway…

R and I arrived a bit later than 11am so some of M’s guests were already there. We sat beside J’s siblings and adorable kids and ordered Uni Sashimi (PHP240), Salmon Roll (PHP380), Soft Shell Roll (PHP545) and Aburi Salmon Roll (PHP450).
First to arrive was the Uni Sashimi and it was quite good. It had a slight sweet taste which was delightful.
The soft shell roll was okay too. But it was forgettable. I still prefer the one from Omakase or the tako-maki of Ooma.
The Salmon Roll was filling. One roll is a mouthful. I loved the roe on top of it that added extra texture.

Now for the Aburi Salmon Roll…
I was expecting this dish to be amazing as R and I just had a great aburi salmon last night. And this one fell short.

It had a weird after taste which was like liquor of some sort. I only managed to eat two of this.
Though feeling cold, R and I opted to get an ice cream sampler to end our meal and we got black sesame, chocolate and coffee flavors. The chocolate and coffee flavors were typical while the black sesame tasted like soap. :(
Overall, it was more misses than hits. It will take me a while before I visit this place again. Then again, that grilled beef J’s brothers had looked so good. Okay, I changed my mind. I’ll visit again to give that one a try.

Washoku de Azabu is located 2nd floor, BTTC Center, 288 Ortigas corner Roosevelt Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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