Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Restaurant Love: Avi (Take 2 and 3)

I hardly visit a restaurant twice in a week but I made an exception last week.
It has been a few months ago since I last visited Avi. The place offers really good food at affordable prices yet I never see it packed with hungry foodies. I guess it is because diners have so many options in Kapitolyo. Anyway…
I had lunch at Avi two Sundays ago and I decided to go with my favorite Basil in Red (PHP165) and Lola Soledad’s Buttered Shrimp Agoile (PHP210).
While slurping my soup and munching on the nacho chips, one of the chips went straight to my throat and got jammed inside my esophagus! Yes, it may sound a bit disturbing (and Avi has nothing to do with this) but this sure reminded me to chew my food well.
The pasta was pretty good too. The noodles were al dente and the flavor was not that overwhelming. The shrimps were fresh too.

Fast forward Friday, I visited Avi again to have dinner with friends. This time, I tried the Tita Terry’s Tasty Tuna Tare Tare (PHP230) and Abuelo’s Especial Pasta Con Sarde (PHP170).
While waiting for my friends, I started to munch on the tuna tare tare. I was very careful this time as the dish was served with nachos again. (Okay, I think I now have a slight trauma with nachos.)
The tuna was great! It was so soft and the sesame oil and spices made it so delectable. I also enjoyed the mayonnaise on top of it.
The sardine pasta was really savory and quite oily too so health conscious foodies might not like this one. I liked the different take on sardines though where they breaded it. Though the menu says that the sauce is spicy, it was very mild.

Avi is definitely still one of my favorite Kapitolyo restaurants and I will visit again. I do hope though that they expand their menu as I’m running out of options.

Avi is located at D Strip, 20 United Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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