Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Restaurant Love: Detalle

It all started with a random invite from my favorite Dragon lady and heck, I wasn’t even one of the first people she thought of. *hurt* But since the invite involves a Comedy Improv, I was game. Who wouldn’t want a night of laughter anyway?! But the sweet surprise was… the restaurant where the Improv was held serves amazing dishes.
Hello, Detalle.

It was slightly hard to find the restaurant as it was in a rather sinister looking place. The landmark C gave me was that it’s at the other side of the Caltex along Meralco Avenue. But the best direction I got was that Detalle’s the restaurant right below the huge Century Tuna billboard. Now, that’s very specific.
When I arrived, C and F were sitting pretty (yet hungry) while waiting for the others to arrive. However, I was really hungry too so as soon as I sat down, I briefly said hi and went straight to the menu. I spotted salmon so I immediately decided on my main course. But I was not so sure with my appetizer and dessert. Notice “my”? Yes, I didn’t share. I was in my Joey-doesn’t-share-food mode. It was weird though as C, F and T (she arrived a few minutes after) ordered for sharing. I felt out of place.

Anyway, I went with the following: Squash Soup (PHP195), Grilled Salmon (PHP400) and Chocolate Revelry Ala Mode (PHP210). They, on the other hand, ordered Basque Fried Chicken (PHP280), Quattro Formaggi (PHP390), D Burger (PHP380) and Summer Pasta (PHP280).
First served was my warm squash soup. It wasn’t superb as it wasn’t the creamy squash soup that I’m used to (and love) but it was flavorful enough. It was lighter too which made it a good appetizer.
The grilled salmon was to die for! I was raving for it for weeks! I even had dreams about it! The salmon was grilled really well as it was still juicy when it was served. I loved the flavorful risotto. It had a tangy taste which delighted me BIG TIME. I guess my thing for sour food makes anything sour an instant hit! I also loved the caper cream sauce drizzled over the salmon. Yum!
Since I didn’t share, I didn’t get any of the following dishes but here are the dishes ordered by C, F and T:
Basque Fried Chicken: Peperade sauce, mixed yogurt
Quattro Formaggi: Mozzarella, feta, parmesan, ricotta
D Burger: 300 g patty, blue cheese, arugula, bacon jam, aioli 
Summer Pasta: Fetuccini, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and parmesan
They seemed very happy while eating the dishes so I guess it’s safe to assume that the dishes were great.

Now for the dessert which I SHARED. (Just making things clear that I may be a glutton but when I had my fill or when we’re not talking about salmon, I do (sincerely) share.)

Presenting… the Chocolate Revelry Ala Mode.
The dessert was so photogenic. Or at least for the next 2 minutes or so before the vanilla ice cream starts to melt.

I loved the contrast of the rough texture of the revel bars and the smooth vanilla ice cream. I loved the chewiness brought by the oatmeal as well. Despite it being a chocolate + ice cream dessert, it wasn’t too sweet for me so it was one great dessert to cap our dinner.

I will definitely be back and try the pasta and pizza I was deprived of because of my selfishness.

Detalle is located at 88 Meralco Avenue corner Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig City.

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