Thursday, July 24, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Lucca Bakery

I love Saturdays. It’s my I-will-eat-whatever-I-feel-like-eating day. It’s also the day I get to meet my friends and explore new restaurants. At times though, I go on dates with my sister. And when we do, we make sure we have lots of fun doing the most mundane things.

I was my sister’s mom one Saturday as I had to bring her to school, wait for her class to end and bring her home. But since I’m a “cool” mom, we decided to have lunch somewhere before heading home.
Hello, Lucca Bakery!
I’ve passed by this restaurant a few times and I got curious with their dishes. However, I always get lured by other restaurants hence it took me a while to pay this place a visit.
The restaurant is pretty homey and casual. Quite a great place to hang out with friends. The server was quick to clear the table for us and handed us the menu. But it took them a while to get back to us for our orders (due to the lack of staff).
M went with the Monte Cristo (PHP275) sandwich while I went for the Salmon Benedict (PHP275) simply because it’s salmon. (There’s not much thought process when I see salmon.) We also ordered a glass of Coffee Caramel Smoothie (PHP145).

Service was slightly slow given that our orders were just sandwiches.
I find M’s sandwich a bit weird. I like sweets but I’m not fond of sweet sandwiches. I find it very odd. But M didn’t mind it at all though she did find it weird too. Then again, she loves putting sugar on her buttered toasts. *aaaiiiieeee*

She actually ordered it because of two words… chicken and bacon. Yes, the toasts were stuffed with roasted chicken, bacon and gruyre cheese.
I enjoyed mine. The salmon was the soft and smooth type that I just love. I also enjoyed the poached eggs though it was slightly overcooked as the yolk wasn’t as runny as I wanted it to be. Even the salad was delightful to munch.
The drink on the other hand was just too sweet! Though there was a hint of coffee, it was overpowered by caramel. It was like having a drink and dessert in one. My sister and I had a hard time finishing it. It was sore throat in a glass topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup.

Overall though, we had a filling and satisfying lunch. I’ll definitely visit again to try Lucca’s pasta and pizza.

Lucca Bakery is located at 5th floor, SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City. 

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