Friday, May 31, 2013

Restaurant Love: Mesa Filipino Moderne

We hate Tuesdays. It’s the day our car is coding meaning we have to leave the house past 7 if we want to eat out. But my mom just got a surprise birthday gift, our car went *kapoot* while it was parked in a mall. In the end, my grandma, sister and I have to take a cab to meet the birthday girl. We arrived around 7:30 p.m. and very famished.
As the foodie in the family, I was tasked to look for a place to eat in SM Megamall. (I wanted to go to Shangri-La hoping to see another new restaurant but my mom insisted we dine at Megamall. The birthday girl wins!) I suggested Kichitora since they have never tried dining there before but my grandmother wasn’t in the mood for ramen (actually, is never in the mood for ramen as she only eats tempura and chicken teriyaki, two dishes not available there). So we moved a little bit and ended up at Mesa.
The place was a bit crowded given it was a Tuesday night. We were lucky though to get one of those tables with couches. Yeah! <3
I was slightly grumpy around this time as I was really really hungry and one thing I do not like is feeling hungry. So I immediately ordered the following: Talong Salad (PHP80), Sisig in a Pouch (PHP190), Inihaw Sampler (PHP725), and Crispy Leche Flan (PHP70).
Thankfully, service was quick and the salad arrived in 5 minutes.
It was tangy! The vinaigrette sure had a strong tangy taste. Nonetheless, since I love everything tangy, I finished the glass.
Next was the sisig. It sure looked cute. I was surprised though that the serving was very generous. I was expecting around 5 pouches max. But horray for the wallet! I’m used to eating crispy sisig but this one isn’t. Then again, the crispy wrapper solved it. Be sure to dip it in vinegar to enhance the flavor and avoid it from being bland from too much lumpia wrapper.
The Inihaw Sampler wasn’t bad at all. We feasted on the fresh mussels, bangus belly, and squid. I wasn’t able to get to taste the chicken as my sister ate the whole leg! The pork barbeque was pretty good but slightly dry so we asked for additional barbeque sauce. The liempo and shrimps were our least favorite as these didn’t taste as fresh as it should.
The crispy leche flan was a hit! Everyone enjoyed it. 
Oh, I also ordered Kamias Shake (PHP80) as I remembered that I enjoyed drinking one when I went to Zubuchon.  Mesa’s version was tangy too. No one except my sister bothered to try it. 

Overall, everyone left with a happy tummy. See you again soon, Mesa!

Mesa is located at 2nd floor, SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.

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