Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Promo Alert: SM Mega Food Sale

Food and sale are two words I really love. But put them together, I'll be in foodie heaven. I was beyond thrilled when I saw on my Facebook news feed the SM Mega Food Sale. *bliss*

Hello again, SM Mega Food Sale. We will meet again... soon!
This is a great way of SM to attract foodies to flock SM Mega Mall on a weekend. A lot of food establishments will offer discounts, freebies, extra servings and the like. 

Here are some establishments I am targeting this weekend.

I'd say, Dulcinea still offers the best churros. And did I read that right? Unlimited? You know where to find me!

I have never tried Buffalo's Wings N' Things but since there's a food sale and I'll get free nachos, why not?
 I guess will still have space for pizza after churros and some wings.
 But then, there's Sumo Sam's unlimited rolls too. Hmm...
 Kichitora will also join the fun! Yahoo! And their gyoza's just so yummy!
 Then dessert at Cara Mia... Mama Mia! It's perfect!
So see you there? :)

All images are from SM Megamall's Facebook page.

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