Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New York Stop: Tad's

Ever since we arrived in New York, we can’t help but notice Tad’s, a steakhouse quite scattered all over Manhattan. N, being a big steak fan, wanted to dine there as he was also tired of eating hotdogs every single day. (Hey, we’re in New York!) One night, we met up with C, a good friend of N and C volunteered to bring us there for dinner.

Hello, Tad’s!
I can hear N mentally say, “Finally, a sit down dinner!” while I seriously stare at the menu placed on top of the counter.
They have several set meals and I was staring at the one with the biggest serving. Hey, we need all the nourishment from all the walking we did!

Unfortunately, they were out of #1, Grilled Prime Ribs ($20.99) so C and I settled for #2, “The Big One” Pound T-Bone ($19.29) while N settled for #3, Rib Steak ($16.99).

Since they cook the steaks on the spot, we had to wait for about 10 minutes before we got our orders. We were surprised though with the manner of how they serve it… no presentation whatsoever. But steak is steak.

Luckily, we were easily able to get a table and without hesitation, we attacked our food.
It was not as tasty as the other steaks I had, especially the one from San Francisco, which until now has a special place in my tummy, I mean heart!
The meat was not very tender yet with it being topped with onions and gravy (which seemed really watery and oily to me) gave that needed oomph for it to have some flavor.
I actually liked mine over N’s rib steak for two reasons. One is that the serving is bigger and another is because mine has a stronger taste than his rib steak. Nonetheless, we both finished our meals and walked out of Tad’s full and content.

A friendly foodie advice, for those who plan to try Tad’s, do not expect much from this joint to avoid getting disappointed. It’s a simple steak house with no frills, just affordable steaks.

P.S. Sorry for the not so good photos. I guess I was really hungry when I took those. :(

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