Friday, December 7, 2012

Korean Love: Paris Baguette

Bread. I survived living in another country with bread as my breakfast, lunch and dinner (almost daily) for about 5 months. Did I lose weight? Uhh… next topic please!
I seriously miss Korea and I get excited whenever another Korean establishment appears out of nowhere. Did you know that there’s now a Yoogane and CafĂ© Benne here in Manila? I’m itching to visit these places soon!
I know that ever since the boom of KPOP in the Philippines, it’s inevitable that big Korean brands will be coming in (and of course, those in love with anything Korea, me included, will patronize these brands). But I was not expecting to see one of my favorite Korean bakeries to be in a mall in Cerritos, California. Not at all.
I was doing my last minute shopping with N when I saw PARIS BAGUETTE! *twirls, jumps, squeals*
It was such a perfect timing as well as I was really famished that time. I had to exert extra effort not to get everything I find yummy.  
I ended up buying a mocha sponge cake, a chocolate-filled funnel bread, coffee bun, and a pizza bread. (And N wasn’t really happy with the idea since we were going to stop by my favorite bakery in California… Porto’s!) 
Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of all of the breads I bought as I ate one right away while I stuffed the others inside by luggage on our trip to New York.
It was such a sweet surprise to see Paris Baguette again. I had instant flashback of its 10 p.m. bread sale which I always wait for as I had a student budget then. I then remembered the rich taste of its cakes and how happy I was every time it’s someone’s birthday (as it means free cake!). Oh Paris Baguette, how I love thee. I’ll see you again soon, right? *winks*<3


  1. too bad we didnt get to try that. next year pagbalik, we'll surely going there.

  2. You won't regret it. Where did you see it before? Korea? :)


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