Friday, December 14, 2012

Cebu Files: Zubuchon

Feed me lechon and I’m all yours. Well, at least till the next 48 hours or so. 
Right after my month long trip, I found myself all buckled up again to be Cebu-bound for three days. Oh hello, land of lechon (roasted pork)!
As soon as we landed, we drove to Zubuchon, a pretty popular place known for its lechon being raved by acclaimed food critic Anthony Bourdain as the “world’s best whole roasted pig”. Such comment will surely intrigue foodies and encourage them to visit the restaurant. And we were among those foodies.
Hey ho, Zubuchon! Whazzzzaaap? (Okay, that was a bit too much.)
The place was partially full when we arrived but we were lucky to be able to find a table that could accommodate our huge party of 10. We quickly roamed around the area, checked out the knick knacks on display and settled down soon after to order. 

We decided to order the following: Zubuchon (1/2 kilo: PHP280; 1 kilo: PHP530), Seaweed Platter Vinaigrette (PHP100),  Ginataang Langka with Daing Lapu Lapu (PHP160), Squid stuffed with Zubuchon Sisig (PHP360), Sizzling Bangus with Tampalen (PHP190), and Kamias Shake (PHP90).
The first dish that arrived was the Seaweed Platter Vinaigrette—served in three bowls (with lato, lukot and guso) and a separate bowl for the dressing which we all fell in love with. 
I really enjoyed it and it sure made me crave and ready for the less healthy part of the lunch.
The other dishes were served right after.
The Ginataang Langka with Daing Lapu Lapu was a tad salty because of the fish and it was also quite spicy as I accidentally had a spoonful with chopped chili. (Ack!)
The Sizzling Bangus with Tampalen was one of my favorites during the lunch. It wasn’t salty (probably because of the onions) and the meat was really fresh. Yum yum!
The Squid stuffed with Zubuchon Sisig was also one of the dishes that would make me go back to Zubuchon. The squid wasn’t gummy at all and I loved the combination of the texture of the sisig and the squid.
As for the star of the lunch, Zubuchon, we were really expecting the best of the best of the “world’s best”. Using organic ingredients and only making use of “hand-picked pigs”, we were salivating to get a bite of it.
Eat Zubuchon with Kamias Shake to get the best dining experience... or so recommended :)
It looked like lechon kawali. The taste reminded me of one as well. The skin was really crispy but it wasn’t the type that we were used to… the oily and smooth one. Nonetheless, I loved the tender meat. It was such joy to chew it without exerting much effort. It truly proved that the pigs were hand-picked! I would have enjoyed it more though with lechon’s usual partner “Mang Tomas” or at least here in Manila. :)
Zubuchon is located at One Mango Avenue building, Gen Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City.

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