Monday, December 26, 2011

Not Just A Bakeshop: Jipan

Oh soft croissant bread stuffed with gooey chocolate filling… where did you go? That bread was the reason why I used to frequent JiPan, a Japanese inspired bread shop located at Glorietta and Megamall. When they stopped selling the bread I love the most, I was heartbroken and decided to go somewhere else till one night, we were reunited.
I never noticed that JiPan also offers savory dishes aside from bread. They have breakfast to dinner meals that are reasonably priced and some of them sound tempting. So, one night, during our last minute shopping spree, we decided to have dinner there.
My sister was not in the mood to eat dinner so she just ordered Corn Soup (PHP130) while my mom decided to go for the Chicken Teriyaki Set (PHP230) while I went for the Seafood Teppanyaki (PHP240) and Zaru Soba (PHP180). I also ordered Papaya Shake (just to avoid possible indigestion).

The meals were served fast (perhaps because they only have to serve two tables). The first one served was the Corn Soup. 
It was not extraordinary. It was creamy and tasted a bit sweet because of the corn but that was about it. It seemed to be a bit overpriced.
The Chicken Teriyaki set on the other hand was quite filling. There were three side dishes served as well aside from the miso soup. My mom didn’t like that much as she prefers her chicken teriyaki with the skin on it and the meat a bit grilled but this one was skinless. However, she liked that the meat was very tender.
As for the Seafood Teppanyaki, it was quite enjoyable. I loved that there were different textures in the dish. The shrimp was fresh; the squid was quite chewy (especially the squid) and the bean sprouts, string beans and carrots added crunch. It was cooked just right and it was not overly seasoned. It had the right level of saltiness. 
I was starting to feel full while finishing my teppanyaki but the Zaru Soba was staring at me. It was whispering… “Eat me!” In short, I moved seats and ate the cold noodles.
I love cold noodles. The “special sauce” as they call it added sweetness to the noodles and the nori added texture and a bit of saltiness. The noodles were a bit chewy but I liked it that way. I was pretty clueless with the quail egg so I assumed that I just have to pour it all in and mix it with everything else. Chewy, sweet, and a bit salty (I wasn’t able to taste the egg at all), it was one interesting and filling dish.
The papaya shake was a pretty refreshing drink. It wasn’t too sweet like other shakes making you think twice if you ordered a drink or a dessert. 

Overall, I’d go back here for more of that cold noodles. 

JiPan is located at Building A, Ground Floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. that cold soba looks good, although i haven't tried cold soba yet

  2. It was really good. Refreshing and definitely different from the usual soba. :)

  3. i havent tried eating cold soba or any cold noodles at that. hehe.. in japanese restos, i only order teppanyaki, ramen, mapo tofu or yakisoba. haha.

  4. Try it. It's a totally different experience. Cool sweet noodles, yum! :)


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