Monday, December 12, 2011

And the winner of the In-N-Out vs. Tommy's match is...

“In-N-Out is nothing!” That was what one of our hosts in the US told me when I told him that we ate at In-N-Out and loved it. Of course I was shocked with his comment convincing me to believe that there’s a way better burger. Well, I know that for sure there is but on the fast food level, In-N-Out was pretty good. “You have got to try Tommy’s,” he added.  As a foodie, that sentence intrigued me… a lot.
While on our star hunt, we spotted something else as well… a Tommy’s branch! Finally, I could taste the so-far-I-was-told-that-it-was-better-than-In-N-Out burger! 
I was still pretty full that night as I had a heavy dinner and we came from a birthday party as well where I attacked the salad bar (aside from my slices of pizza and chicken drumsticks).  But gluttony took over and I ordered cheeseburger… with fries and cola. (Well, the ad was tempting!)

When my order arrived, I suddenly lost my appetite. My burger looked like it had (fill in the blank space here). I was told that it was chili but it wasn’t really chili (as in chili hot) so it was a chili-less chili. (Okay, I’m confused now.)
I remember our host telling me that I had to stop myself from breathing as the smell was a bit awful. Indeed it had a strong oniony smell but it was tolerable. It wasn’t that bad. If it was, then I doubt that people will dine here.
For the moment of truth… *bite munch munch gulp*
For extra spice!
It was quite good. The meat used was fresh and the chili was quite tasty. The onion, tomato, and pickles added crunch and contrasted the salty taste of the meat and chili (which tasted much more like a saucy ground meat on meat). It was a bit too much for me though as I didn’t know that the burger was BIG.
I enjoyed the fries though as it was thickly cut and it was quite crispy too. I prefer to eat it with ketchup than with chili though as I was having chili overload with the burger alone.
In the end, I still prefer In-N-Out. 
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