Monday, May 23, 2011

Seeking for something Greek

Ever since I fell in love with Cyma, I force my family to have lunch in this Greek restaurant almost everyday and they finally gave in two weeks ago.
At first, they were quite hesitant when they saw the menu as everything sound so foreign to them. Nonetheless, they managed to find something to order—Lamb Gyro and Kotopoulo Lemonato (Greek chicken adobo). I chose baked salmon (which was quite predictable). We also ordered Spinach and Artichoke Fondue as appetizer and Skolatina as dessert.
The Spinach and Artichoke Fondue arrived first. My mom and sister liked it; though my sister was not thrilled and still finds CONNIE’S KITCHEN’s spinach and artichoke spread better.
My mom was pretty full when our orders arrived. She wasn’t able to eat the gyro but munched on the potato wedges (side dish) instead.
As for my sister, she was still pessimistic when the Kotopoulo Lemonato arrived. But she managed to eat it. She wasn’t happy though. My mom and I tried it and we find it okay. Not outstanding but good.
As for the baked salmon, IT WAS HEAVEN. My only problem with it was that the serving was a bit small to satisfy my hunger. I had to ask for some potato wedges to make me feel full.
Last was Skolatina. I do not have to share how good it was since I already did in My sister fell in love with it too. She had a hard time finishing it though since we were all too full. Yet, as dessert gluttons, we still forced ourselves to eat it.
Will definitely try the other dishes soon. But I’ll probably invite my friends instead. J

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  1. I love Cyma! one cheaper but yummy option for Greek food is GO GREEK in Glorietta food choices :D


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