Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loco over Poco Deli

Who would have thought that there’s a small quaint deli shop at East Capitol Drive. I’ve been living near the area for a loooooong time and the only food places I knew were SOHO, CafĂ© Juanita, and Three Sisters (well, let’s include those sprouting restaurants that pop and poof). Then came Poco Deli.
Our Group Publisher decided to hold our Publishers lunch in this quaint store.
 We had cassava chips as appetizer and to appease our grumbling tummies.
Next served were two of their sausage platters, New York and German.

I prefer the New York platter for it was a bit juicier compared to German which was meatier.
Poco Deli Iced Tea. Cute color. :)
Some of us ordered tapa, seafood pasta, stew, and callos. One of their newest items was SALMON PASTA. The server just said the magic word so I ordered it.
It took them a loooooong time to serve my dish. I guess as a deli shop, they were not used to serving cooked food (since they are more known for their cold cuts). When my dish arrived, I sniffed it and well, it smelled good.
*twirl twirl twirl… slurp!*
The flavor was very rich to the point that you’ll get tired of it easily. In short, there is the suya factor. Also, the dish was too fishy (malansa) for me. The serving though was pretty generous. It was good for 2 people. If I’m not mistaken, it was around PHP250.
I read several reviews that Poco Deli’s desserts are pretty good. I’ll try that next time after ordering another set of New York sausage platter. J

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