Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kutsara, Kutsero… KABISERA.

Since we were trying to avoid the crowd last May 7 (it was PacMan’s fight the following day so we assumed that daddies WILL NOT go out on that day), we ended up in Powerplant Mall. My family was extremely choosy this time so it was hard to choose for them. Knowing that my grandmother loves Filipino dishes, we opted to go to Kabisera.
We ordered molo soup for appetizer; classic Kare-Kare, kilawing salmon (just because it’s salmon and it was one of the recommended dishes of Kabisera), and lechong kawali as main dishes; and Editha’s Way for dessert.
The first dish that arrived was the kilawing salmon. I realized that I had to finish the dish by myself since none wanted to eat it. It was… quite sour and slimy. I had a hard time finishing it. I had to dip it in soy sauce and pretend I was eating sashimi instead. Perhaps it takes some time but it turned out to be a pretty okay dish. Not great but not bad.
The next dishes that arrived were lechong kawali, kare-kare, and molo soup (so much for it being an appetizer).  
The lechong kawali was too toasted while the kare-kare was very bland. As for the molo soup, it tasted like broth soup.
We were hoping that the dessert will be better (though our drinks were pretty much like dessert already since it was TOO SWEET). We ordered Editha’s Way which looked so delicious in the menu.
We were so surprised when we found out that it was not chilled at all. It was like a fluffy mammon with some melted sugar on top with custard in the middle. It was one lukewarm dessert. My sister and I both thought that it might have been better if it was served cold.
In short, it was a pretty upsetting lunch. We should have went to The Fort instead for the chef there seemed to be doing a better job than the chef assigned in Rockwell.  

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