Monday, September 28, 2020

Quarantine Favorite: Hungry Apron PH's Hainanese Chicken

Time flies by so fast. I can't believe that I'll be giving birth in a few weeks. And as much as I dread it, I am considering to do ge lai as it is said to help post-partum. But I discovered a dish that I think would make me look forward to eating gingery food!

Hello, Hungry Apron PH

I love Hainanese chicken. Sadly, I seldom find good ones here in Manila. More often than not, I'd end up having dry or bland ones that are highly dependent on the ginger spring onion sauce. Thankfully, the brilliant people behind Matt's Waffles decided to share their amazing Hainanese chicken with us.

Named Hungry Apron PH on Instagram, you'll surely get a grumbling tummy after seeing its plump Hainanese Chicken trays and love-filled reviews.

One tray costs PHP1,100 and is for five to six persons. But I had a hard time sharing it and ate half the tray! Here's why:

1.) Hungry Apron PH uses quality chicken

I dislike chicken that doesn't have a lot of meat. Fond of white meat, I love the chicken breast part the most. And Hungry Apron more than satisfied my appetite for it. 

2.) Hainanese Chicken cooked to perfection

I find it extremely rare to find flavorful Hainanese Chicken that doesn't need any sauce to be enjoyed. But Hungry Apron's version is tasty as is! I don't know what kitchen magic they used to prepare this glorious poultry feast as each bite was oozing with gingery flavor. I usually go overboard with ginger sauce to make up for the bland taste of the white meat. But I never felt the need to do so with Hungry Apron's.

3.) Fragrant Hainanese Rice

I first thought that the Hainanese Chicken doesn't come with rice. I even asked our helpers to prepare some white rice to go with the chicken. But it does come with rice and a generous serving of Hainanese Rice at that. And it deserves equal praise for its divine taste. 

Plus points too for how fluffy it was. You could see each long grain!

4.) Sauces

Aside from one whole chicken and rice both cooked to perfection, you also get three great sauces--chili, soy, and ginger, to further delight your taste buds. 

I usually skip chili and soy whenever I eat Hainanese chicken. But all three were good. I'm a bit biased with ginger sauce for it's my favorite. 

It's so hard to pinpoint anything negative about Hungry Apron's platter as we thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess the only thing I could think would make this meal even better is if there are more cilantro for that mouthwatering contrast of flavors.

To order, message Hungry Apron PH on Instagram, Facebook, or at +639 17 533 3668. Orders will come from Mandaluyong border San Juan.

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