Friday, September 25, 2020

Guilt-Free Snack: K-Radish Pickled Radish

I used to think that all kimchis are made and taste the same. My first ever bite of kimchi was beyond appalling that I refused to eat kimchi for almost a decade! Talk about the saying 'first impression lasts'. But after discovering how great ssambaps are, I became open to the idea of having kimchi with my Korean BBQ. I even fell in love with kimchi fried rice to the point of having it for breakfast at least once a week. And one of my favorite snacks now is Kimchi Radish by K-Radish.

Hello, K-Radish.

K-Radish is the brainchild of two doctors who know their way in the kitchen. Drs. Harris and Marie Co came up with the idea of offering pickled radish during the nationwide quarantine and thought that it would be a perfect snack to have while watching our favorite K-Dramas. 

Its pickled radish is made in small batches using organic ingredients. I loved that each bite has that delightful sweet yet tangy and spicy flavors which blend harmoniously. 

I enjoyed it best with my Korean BBQ spread. But I heard that it would great too with another Korean drama staple-- ramyeon! I'll try this combination after I give birth!

I love that I could snack on this without anything else as the flavors hit the spot. The crunch from the radish is also too addictive to stop with just one serving!

I don't even have to worry about overindulging a bit as radish offers a lot of health benefits! It is a good source of Vitamin C, folate, fiber, riboflavin, and potassium.  

The best thing about this product is that it lasts for two months! I could stock up without any worry about it spoiling. 

I read somewhere that kimchi actually could last even longer as it's fermented. But keeping it for too long might turn the kimchi to be too sour for anyone's liking. I couldn't help myself stay curious. I might leave a small serving as a little kitchen experiment. 

Each bottle costs PHP250 per 700ml and available for pickup or delivery from Tarlac. It may be a tad too far for most, especially those based in Metro Manila. I've checked if there shops closer to home that carries it and found My Minda's Mart based in Malabon. It sells K-Radish for PHP300 for the same size. Not bad at all!

If you want to order direct, you can get in touch with K-Radish by messaging them on Instagram or +63 9 17 808 1129.

Thank you again, Drs. Harris and Marie for the pickled radish! 

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