Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Love at First Bite: The Bright Bakers' Ube Cheese Rolls

Ube Cheese Pandesal is one of the hottest food trends this 2020. There must be over a hundred shops selling this Instagram-worthy product. I admit that I've had my fair share of this trend. Though delicious, I wasn't sold with the whole concept until I had Hi, Bear!'s ube pan. But it was just a start as I discovered something that blew me away even more. And that was with the Ube Cheese Rolls by The Bright Bakers.

Hello, The Bright Bakers.

The Bright Bakers is one of the newest food businesses born during the pandemic. Browsing through its social media feed would give you the impression that it's just another bakeshop selling pretty much the same items as any other shop. But it sells one of the fluffiest cheese rolls in town.

I was gifted a box of its Ube Cheese Roll (PHP340, half dozen | PHP650, dozen) last week by the most generous couple I know, V and K. The SMS I got from the shop owner caught me by surprise as I wasn't expecting anything over the weekend. 

I quickly took photos of the ube cheese rolls when it was sent up to my room and had one big bite after getting the shots I want. And it was love at first bite.

The roll itself was so soft and required zero effort to munch. It was also generously filled with ube halaya and cheese, giving that delightful sweet and slightly tangy contrast of flavors. 

It was so good that I had two in one sitting. 

K suggested that it tastes even better with hot chocolate. And they were right! Best if you use tablea so that it won't be too sweet. 

I'll try its cheese rolls as soon as I'm off my diet. 

Thanks again, V and K, for sharing this spectacular food find.

To order, contact The Bright Bakers on Instagram. Modes of payment accepted are bank transfer via BPI or BDO and GCash.

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