Wednesday, June 10, 2020

First Bite: Big Ben's Gourmet Imus Longganisa

Big Ben's is one of Imus, Cavite's gems when it comes to longganisa. It has been known for its delectable Original Garlic Adobo Longganisa which is packed with bold flavors along with crowd favorites Garlic Hamunado and Gourmet Bottled Longganisa. But this charmer down south has a lot more to offer.

Hello, Big Ben's Gourmet Imus Longganisa.
Big Ben's has been around for a couple of years now but I haven't had the chance to drop by its Cavite restaurant. And I wouldn't have guessed that my first time to try it was during Manila's lockdown. 
My care package contained Big Ben's Gourmet Longganisa and several vacuum-sealed dishes namely Keto Beef Longganisa (PHP349, 500g | PHP680, 1kg), Gourmet Adobo Longganisa (PHP220, 500g | PHP399, 1kg), Sinigang (PHP350), Premium Grass-fed Tapa (PHP349, 500g | PHP680, 1kg), and Menudo (PHP400). I also got a bottle of its Gourmet Bottled Longganisa (PHP300) and All Natural Sukang Sasa (PHP150). And to cap my meal, I was also given ube halaya and leche flan with macapuno for dessert.
I asked our helper to cook some of the frozen longganisa for me to sample all the links. I couldn't resist trying more and also requested for some grass-fed tapa to be cooked. I saved sinigang and menudo for the following weekend. 
We failed with the Keto Beef Longganisa which kept bursting! I didn't know that you have to prick its skin so that it won't explode from the heat. But its deconstructed version didn't look bad at all. It turned out looking fancy. 
One thing I noticed with Big Ben's Pinoy links was its strong garlic flavor. The meat too had this firm texture which one won't get from longganisa full of extenders. I found it a tad too salty though which made me eat more rice. To balance, best to have this with some veggies or egg on the side and vinegar.
The tapa too had great flavor! It had that delightful garlicky and peppery taste which I enjoyed. Make sure to follow the cooking instruction on the pack. The meat would end up being tough if you take a shortcut in cooking this. 
I was craving for Good Shepherd's popular ube jam but I was so worried about buying online as there are just too many fake products around. 
And if you're like me, spare yourself the stress and grab Big Ben's version instead. It's just as good! It had that thick and rich ube taste. It was so good that I had to stop myself from finishing it in one sitting. 
If you want something sweeter, Big Ben's leche flan with macapuno is your best bet! Its silky texture and sweet taste would make you want an extra serving.  
Thank you, Chef Gene, for this wonderful spread!

To order, contact Big Ben's at 0966 206 8585 (Cavite), 0917 773 0797 (Paranaque), 0917 828 4926 (Manila), 0927 853 1888 (Makati) or 0939 929 4145 (Antipolo).

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