Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Love at First Bite: Goto Tendon

The Coronavirus pandemic left almost everyone paranoid. We'd freak out at the sound of a soft cough or tiny sneeze and take several steps back with fear plastered on our faces. We got used to sanitizing almost everything and practice social distancing. Yet, we don't know if that's enough. And when R got a fever a few weeks back, we were a bit panicky and had no idea what to do. All I could think of was to feed him good food. Thankfully, Goto Tendon was open for take-out. 

Hello, Goto Tendon.
Goto Tendon has been one of the highly-rated goto/pares places in Manila. It may be a bit new in the goto or pares scene but its mouthwatering offerings and affordable prices made it an instant hit and favorite to many. 
I have been eying to try this place since last year. But every time I pass by a branch, I either already have plans where to eat or too stuffed for another meal. But I found the perfect time to try it during a not so ideal situation.
R called my attention one afternoon complaining that he doesn't feel well. True enough, he was having the chills and I had to cover him up to help him sweat it out. As I try to find ways to make him feel better, one thing that came to mind was to feed him goto. And it was the perfect excuse to order some from Goto Tendon.
I called its Scout Tobias branch hoping that we could pre-order and do a curbside pickup and payment. However, the branch doesn't allow it and they only entertain take-outs. I had one of our drivers to go to the store. To my surprise, he got back to the office in under one hour. So I guess the store wasn't very busy too. 
My orders of Big Goto Tendon (PHP208) and Beef Tendon Pares (PHP188) were still piping hot when I got it. 
I loved that the goto came with a small pack of chicharon for crunch and two pieces of calamansi for zest. 
Don't let the plain-looking goto fool you as it was packed with a generous serving of tendon and a couple of quail eggs. One order of Big Goto Tendon might be a bit too filling for one so best to share this with someone if you plan to try Goto Tendon's other dishes. 
Goto Tendon's other best seller is its pares and I went with the classic Beef Tendon Pares. 
At first, I thought that the serving size of the beef tendon was a bit stingy given that it was served on a small cup. But this was oozing with so much flavor! The beef bits were so tender and there was a lot of tendons too! The blend of sweet and savory flavors made my taste buds sing for joy and dance in intense happiness. An order also comes with a big cup of garlic rice and plain broth soup.

Needless to say, I'll order again soon and try its other dishes too!

Goto Tendon has five branches in Metro Manila. 

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