Monday, June 15, 2020

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses During a Pandemic?

Wearing eyeglasses has been part of my lifestyle since early 2013 when my vision started to blur. Though I’ve always been curious with contact lenses, the idea of having something foreign on my eyeballs scare me! But hearing and learning about how contact lenses have become a lot better these past years encouraged me to try it out. And there’s no better brands in mind than Freshlook and Air Optix! 

Hello, contact lenses! 
Freshlook and Air Optix have been in the local market for quite some time now. Popular for its extensive selection of colored contact lenses, these brands have quickly gained patrons who seek a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Aside from having a clearer vision, you get a fresh new look too! 
But with the Coronavirus still posing a big threat to health, is it safe to wear contact lenses during this time of pandemic?

The answer is YES
There has been no study saying that wearing contact lenses poses a greater risk of you contracting the Coronavirus versus with eyeglasses. Just make sure to always practice proper hygiene and sanitation especially when wearing your contact lenses. (Remember washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and dry it well with a clean cloth or paper towel before applying contact lenses.)

However, if you are sick, best to stick with wearing eyeglasses and resume to wearing (new) contact lenses when you get back to full health. 
As a first-time contact lens user, I had to do some research on how to properly apply contact lenses onto my eyes. I found this tutorial video on YouTube on how to put it on and off very useful. Just make sure to learn about applying contact lenses before trying it yourself! 

Note that it takes a minute or two for your eyes to adjust to the lenses. So don’t panic. 

If you intend to wear reusable contact lenses which usually last for a month, make sure that you have a reliable cleaning solution to disinfect your lenses. And hydrogen peroxide-based solution’s your best bet!
AOSEPT Plus with HydraGlyde is a wonderful mix of HydraGlyde’s moisture matrix and boosted with hydrogen peroxide. One box has an SRP price of PHP459 and it comes with a 360ml solution and lens case. 

Aside from deeply cleaning your contact lenses, AOSEPT also carries away deposits and debris as well as protein. Here's a video on how it does the job.
Another great cleaning solution is Opti-Free Puremoist (PHP389) which also comes with lens case.
And if you’re on your computer or phone a lot, make sure to keep a bottle of Systane Ultra with you all the time. R is a patron of this brand as he suffers from dry eyes from too much screen time. 

Not only does this lubricates your eyes, but it also provides immediate relief and instant protection. 
Excited to have eyeglasses-free life? Here are a few reminders before putting on those fresh lenses.

(1) Always start with the same eye when putting on contact lenses as left and right lenses are different hence the label on lens containers. 
(2) Make sure to follow the recommended replacement or disposal schedule of your lenses. Yes, that means don’t scrimp and extend its recommended use. Dailies are meant to be single-use only and monthly lenses are good for just a month. 

(3) Practice proper storing and cleaning of your lenses.

Do not top off or add a new solution to the old solution in your lens case. Also, clean your lens case. Remember, it’s cheaper to buy a solution than a trip to the optometrist.

(4) Since we've touched the topic of optometrist, make sure to schedule a visit with your eye doctor at least once a year or every other year. 

(5) Avoid rubbing your eyes when you have contact lenses to avoid the lenses from moving. 

(6) If sleepy, make sure to remove your lenses first. Do not sleep with it on. 

The same rule applies when showering. You can swim with them if you have goggles on.

Interested to try some lenses on? Alcon, the company that carries all the brands featured here has exciting promos! Visit for its current deals on lenses and solutions. SRP of Freshlook Colorblends (monthly) is PHP1,195 while Freshlook One-Day costs PHP1,095. Air Optix Hydraglyde costs PHP1,995.

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