Thursday, December 5, 2019

First Sip: Tantea

Phones eat first. What used to be a joke is pretty much a reality now. With aesthetics as one of the factors consumers heavily consider when dining out, most establishments focus on making its offerings as pretty as possible. From pink burgers to heart shaped pizzas and glittery drinks, we've pretty much seen a lot of quirky tweaks just to make dishes more 'Instagrammable'. One relatively new milk tea player, Tantea, has its presentation and packaging on point giving it the much needed edge in this very competitive industry. 

Hello, Tantea
Tantea has been around for a few months now with its first branch in Binondo, Manila. I've been curious with its milk tea offerings but my constant trips out of Manila made it hard for me to pay one of its shops a visit. Luckily, Tantea sent me a message asking if I'd like to have some drinks delivered one afternoon. 

With Tantea choosing the drinks for me, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to have one sweet afternoon. And I couldn't help myself grin from ear to ear when I got Tantea's adorable takeaway carrier stuffed with six drinks and two pudding cups. 
I first tried Mango Peach Gum (PHP180) which had that refreshing and tropical flavor perfect to beat the Manila heat. I liked that it was not overly sweet and that the sinkers had that delightful snappy texture. 
Tantea's Boba Peark Milk Tea (PHP120) had a strong tea taste which I liked. The pearls too were cooked well and held its good texture for hours!
The Fragrant Chocolate Cream Cheese (PHP160) is perfect for those who love sweets but veer away from milk tea. It had that rich chocolate flavor beautifully complemented by a huge dollop of cream cheese. 
Other interesting drinks I've never seen in other milk tea shops are Popping Boba Strawberry Yogurt (PHP140), Watermelon Coconut Milk (PHP140) and Strawberry Milk Dirty Bottle (PHP180). 
I found the watermelon, coconut and milk combination a bit weird but I'm sure that there are some who would like this light and refreshing blend.
If you want something quite healthy and fun, the slightly tangy Popping Boba Strawberry Yogurt's for you. 
And for those on the go, do try Strawberry Milk Dirty Bottle.
For extra bite, Tantea's Matcha Pudding (PHP100) and Original Pudding (PHP80) are good afternoon snacks too.

Tantea currently has branches in Binondo, SM North Edsa and Tomas Morato. 

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