Thursday, December 19, 2019

My First Lash Extensions with Ayumi

I've always wanted to have long eyelashes. But my lack of patience to put on falsies or  learn how to properly apply mascara left me with sparse eyelashes for decades! Though I had those moments of being made up with long lashes to boot, I never really considered having lash extensions because of my fear of having my already few lashes fall off. And it took a lot of research for me to finally give in. And the best one that came out was Ayumi. 

Hello, Ayumi.
Ayumi is one of the pioneers in the lash extensions industry in Manila. It has been around for over 5 years and have been known as a reliable fairy godmother in making one extra glam. 
There are a handful of lash services you can avail here at reasonable prices. And if it's your first time, Ayumi's well-trained lash technicians can help you pick the best lash extensions for you. The terms can be a bit confusing so don't be afraid to ask for photos of the different lashes so that you can choose for yourself too!
For my first lash extensions, I got Ange Curl Lash Classic (PHP3,500). 
My treatment started with the technician applying serum on my natural lashes for it to curl up. It was later secured by tape and it lasted for 20 minutes. 
The next step was the application of the lash extensions. I was told that I had to make sure that my eyes were shut as the glue might irritate my eyes. I did as told and I didn't experience any pain or irritation during the process. 
The whole session took an hour. It could have been longer if I went with thicker lashes.  
I liked how my new lashes looked as it seemed natural and as if I simply applied mascara. I wasn't able to take photos right after the session though as I was in a hurry to get to my next event. 
So here are some photos from my Nepal trip instead which was a few days later.
Sadly, the lashes on my right eye didn't last very long with Nepal's al-fresco land transportation. I guess the glue wasn't strong enough to withstand strong wind or breeze. 

I had my lashes repaired two weeks later and had 80-80 lashes which costed me PHP1,500 (plus PHP250 for lash shampoo) but my lashes on the right only lasted a few days again. Perhaps the lashes on my right eye just dislike the extensions?

As for lash care, I was happy that taking care of it wasn't as high maintenance as I thought. I just had to take a bit of caution when washing my face and patting it dry. And I had to take mental note to brush it after having it wet. And that was it! (My heart break a bit every time a lash extension falls off but that's normal and expected.)

If you don't fancy lash extensions, do check out Ayumi's nail salon instead! They do nice nail art too!
Or how about a relaxing massage? Ayumi's Unimart Greenhills branch has a nice spa at the back of its salon called House of Resha
House of Resha specializes in Japanese facials and massage. Using only premium Japanese products for its treatments, you're sure to get that wonderful spa glow after your session. 
I availed of the Body Rejuvenating and Firming Massage (PHP1,800) which lasts 90 minutes. 
House of Resha uses Meso Force Cream for this treatment and it gives an instant warm feeling after application to the skin. Paired with circular massage movements, the cream gets to burn fat and promote breakdown of cellulite. 
I was surprised though when the therapist told me that we were done after 30 minutes. Turned out that she thought that I only wanted the slimming massage. Note that clients have an option to avail of this treatment and skip the normal 1-hour Shiatsu or Swedish massage yet still pay the full amount. Since I was already dressed when the misunderstanding was cleared, I decided to just forgo my normal massage. I was offered a complimentary 1 hour massage though on my next visit to make up for it. (To avoid this from happening to you, make sure that you make it clear with your therapist what you want done.)
Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Ayumi was very responsive via text when I was coordinating regarding my appointment. The ambiance of the salon was also relaxing. Though I would have been more relaxed if the lash extension room wasn't too cold. Obviously, I was one happy customer as I already went back prior to this review. I'll give its nail services a try soon. 

Ayumi is located at 2nd Floor, Unimart Greenhills, San Juan.

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