Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Taste of Home: Limbaga 77

Being away from home for a month made me miss our local cuisine tenfold. Just thinking about how a single whiff of sinigang would make me drool drives me crazy. And it was an easy decision for us to pick Limbaga 77 for dinner after a long trip abroad. 

Hello, Limbaga 77.
Limbaga 77 is a homey Filipino restaurant tucked inside the semi-residential area of Tomas Morato. It has been one of the highly rated restaurants in the area by Zomato users and it definitely made me excited to try some of its bestsellers. 
We had some guests over when we visited Limbaga 77. And with their diet preferences excluding beef, we opted to go with Pako Salad (PHP277), Limbaga Stuffed Laing (PHP377), Sizzling Tofu with Mushroom (PHP277), Sugba't Kilaw (PHP377), Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu (PHP577), and Sinigang na Salmon (PHP477). We also tried Limbaga 77's Danggit Rice (PHP77) and Bagoong Rice (PHP77) along with the usual options  Garlic Rice (PHP57) and Plain Rice (PHP47). For drinks, R and I went with Mango Shake (PHP107) and Watermelon Shake (PHP107).

Since we were the only guests on a Tuesday night, service was quite fast. Our drinks and salad were served within 15 minutes. 
The shakes were refreshing and filled to the rim!
I was excited to feast on pako salad only to have it totally confused with sea grapes. Apparently, pako is fiddlehead fern and not the one that bursts in your mouth in every bite. It was still a light dish to indulge in and perfect to whet your appetite for mains. 
I really liked the sizzling tofu and mushroom with its thick and slightly sweet sauce. Just be careful as it could be piping hot!
Sugba't Kilaw was great too! I loved how the pork had a nice clean taste and the fish chunks were undeniably fresh. It also had that perfect tangy flavor which made me finish half the plate. 
The Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu was a bit smaller than expected and not really ideal to be shared by more than 3. But its crispy skin was addictive! Make sure to have each mouthful with the delectable sauce. 
The stuffed laing had pork and shrimp in it and gave the usual taro leaves in coconut milk more flavor and bite. It had a lovely balance of sweet and savory flavors but best enjoyed with rice. 
My favorite was the Sinigang na Salmon which made me salivate as soon as it reached our table. The aroma of tamarind broth could easily make anyone drool. And it tasted great! It was indeed tangy and worthy to be called sinigang. Though I would have loved more if it wasn't as salty. 
I didn't get to fully appreciate the Bagoong and Danggit rice as the dishes we had were best paired with garlic and plain rice. 
The bagoong rice was a letdown though as I was expecting it to be made with the salty kind of bagoong. It turned out to be sweet too. 
We almost lost our appetite when we found a strand of hair in the Danggit rice. But the restaurant manager was quick and offered to cancel it from our bill. 
She also gave us complimentary fruit salad dessert to make up for the mishap. 
We also tried Limbaga 77's Barako Brownie Mousse (PHP197) which I found underwhelming. Perhaps it would have been better if it was served colder. 

Overall, it was a good meal. Service was fast and most of the dishes were worth coming back for. I'd definitely try its beef and other pork options soon!

Limbaga 77 is located at 77 Scout Limbaga Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City.

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