Monday, November 18, 2019

Promo Alert: Choi Garden at 50% Off

Choi Garden has this chaotic and rather stressful dining ambiance. It feels as if one gets transported to Hong Kong with its efficient yet cold (no smile) service. But its mouthwatering Roast Pork and Peking Duck are just too good to say no to. And its constant partnership with credit cards makes it a lot easier for us to say yes to dinner at Choi Garden. 

Hello again, Choi Garden
Choi Garden partnered with American Express (issued by BDO) this month till December 13, 2019 where cardholders can get 50% off your bill with a minimum order of PHP5,000 and maximum order of PHP10,000, Mondays to Fridays for lunch and dinner. 

As expected, the place was packed for dinner. It would be impossible to dine here if you don't call ahead to reserve a table. In fact, we spotted a guest whose reservation seemed to have been overlooked and unfortunately had no table for his party that night.
We were looking forward to sink our teeth into Choi Garden's crowd favorite Lechon Macau and Peking Duck only to be disappointed when we found out that both were not available. We should have placed an advance order on those as both sell out so fast! 

We ended up getting Shark's Fin Sea Cucumber Soup, Sauteed Taiwan Pechay with Garlic, Roast Duck, Steamed Lapu-Lapu (seasonal), Yellow Chicken and of course, Taho!
Service, as always, was fast despite the crowd. But again, it was done in a rather rash and unrefined way. 
The Shark's Fin Sea Cucumber Soup was great! It had that slight chewy and snappy texture that I love. I enjoyed it best with black vinegar.
Roast Duck was our third option for main dish when we found out that our two order favorites, Lechon Macau and Peking Duck were unavailable. Though still good, I found the duck to be a bit too lean and too bony.
The Steamed Lapu-Lapu cooked with light soy sauce is one of R's favorite dishes. And the one we got that night was cooked well. Its light seasoning put the spotlight on the fish's delicate flavor. The fish though was a tad too small to be shared by our group of five.
I'm not really a fan of Yellow Chicken as I prefer Soy Chicken. And I always find Choi Garden's chicken to be too small for my liking. 

The greens we got (I didn't take a photo anymore), was pretty straightforward. I have to commend Choi Garden though for consistently using fresh vegetables and being generous with garlic!
And no Choi Garden meal would be complete without having taho for dessert. We got a large tub this time as small was too small to be shared and we weren't sure with medium. Turned out that large was too much for five diners. It wasn't a problem though as some of us had second or third servings. 
Overall, dinner was great. Service was fast and efficient though could add a bit more warmth. But I'm not complaining as long as I get out of the restaurant with a happy tummy. 

Choi Garden is located at Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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