Sunday, May 26, 2019

Worth it or not: McDonald's Milk Tea McFloat

The milk tea craze is just getting crazier with more and more brands entering the market. And just when I thought it was already wild enough, McDonald's joined the hype and now offers Classic and Wintermelon McFloat drinks. 

Hello, McDonald's.
I was pretty excited to try McDonald's newest drinks but it took me a while before I got hold of some as I was busy moving from one city to another for work. Luckily, we spotted one on our way back home.

I was a bit undecided if I should go for regular (PHP49), large (PHP65) or upgrade a sandwich meal with Milk Tea McFloat (add PHP25). Since I was still full from breakfast, I opted to go with large of both Classic and Wintermelon

Service was pretty fast and I got my drinks in 5 minutes or less.
In order for the two drinks not to get mixed up, there's a tape label for classic milk tea.

I found Wintermelon milk tea to be a bit too sweet. It also had this weird metallic after taste which sort of explains the viral review saying that McDonald's milk tea drinks taste like door knob. 
I was hoping that classic will be better but it was a lot worse. It tasted like vast darkness and empty dream as it didn't have flavor at all. It didn't taste like milk or tea. It was like I just purchased brown water topped with soft serve ice cream. 

Others claim that McDonald's wintermelon milk tea tastes just like Nestea's. I couldn't really comment on that as I've never tried Nestea's version. But if it's true, best to just make your own milk tea then head to McDonald's for soft serve ice cream. You'd save about PHP10-30 with this milk tea McFloat hack. 

Though I don't see myself from buying more of these drinks from McDonald's, I'd still be back for my favorites such as McNuggets and fries. 

McDonald's has several branches nationwide.

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