Thursday, October 11, 2018

Keep the Fire Burning: New Ways to Enjoy Samyang

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Samyang or better known as the spicy noodle challenge. This popular Korean brand definitely piqued our interest after seeing several famous personalities giving it a go. But the hype eventually dwindled down as soon as the fire in one's mouth disappeared. This is not the last of Samyang though as it introduces new ways on how to make your pack of spicy noodles more interesting. 

Hello, Samyang.
This well-loved Korean brand has been around for quite some time delighting foodies, especially K-Drama fanatics. 
I've never really tried Samyang given my low spice tolerance. And seeing all those videos where people tear up because of the intense spice scared me even more. 
It wasn't until a few Mondays ago when I got convinced to brave this spicy noodle brand when Samyang partnered with Dokkebi Korean BBQ to create new dishes using its several variants.
First served was Cheese Bokkeummyeon Omelette which was your spicy Samyang mixed with cheese to tone down its spiciness and egg for that slight contrast in flavor. I found this dish to be still too spicy for my liking though and struggled to finish my portion. 
The Fire Chicken Pasta with Bacon and Feta reminded me of carbonara but hotter. The feta bits sure distracted my taste buds from the heat of the noodles. 
I never thought that you could make jjajangmyeon with Samyang spicy noodles. But you could by topping it with Black Bean Sauce. And it was pretty good! It has this slight sweet taste which I enjoyed. Try it too by sprinkling a bit of the hot powder for that kick of spice.
But my favorite would be Hot Chicken Flavor Rice with Mozzarella. Rice mixed with Samyang's powder and topped with mozzarella, this fried rice was a meal on its own with its bold flavors! And what I loved most about it is that wasn't spicy at all thanks to the generous serving of mozzarella. 
We capped our meal with a serving of Five Peanut with Sesame Seeds. A hot yet sweet dish, this was the most innovative dish made with Samyang. Dokkebi turned the noodles into bars similar to Rice Krispies and added peanuts. I'm not really a fan of spicy desserts but everyone else loved it! 
We also had a blast trying all the drinks featured during dinner and my favorite is Famous House's Mixed Fruits (SRP PHP60)! 
Refreshing with the perfect level of sweetness, I'd definitely grab a few cans of this as soon as it is out in the market. 
Other products worth checking out are Doll's Lobster & Cheese and Abalone noodles! The noodles are air-fried making it healthier than your usual pack of noodles and its premium flavor will surely please your taste buds. And the best part is that its SRP is only PHP39!
I also can't wait to try this instant congee!
Samyang products are available in leading supermarkets. Doll instant noodles and Famous House drinks will soon be available at supermarkets.

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