Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love at First Bite: Hong Kong Banjum 0410 Plus

When I watch Korean dramas or even when I lived in Korea for several months, I didn’t really understood why Koreans are so into jajangmyeon (black bean noodles). But boy oh boy, when they slurp those thick noodles with fragrant black bean sauce, it sure looked scrumptious. But back then, I wasn’t really adventurous with food. I’ll just have bulgogi or samgyeopsal with my mekju (beer) and soju. And I never realized what I was missing until I dined in Hong Kong Banjum 0410 Plus.
Annyeong, Hong Kong Banjum 0410 Plus!
This place was recommended by my local friend E. She said that this is one of her favorite restaurants in Dongdaemun and since I trust her taste, off we go to this jajangmyeon restaurant.
And when we arrived, it was packed! Good thing though that one table was available when we got there.

We ordered Tangsuyuk (9,500 ₩ for medium and 15,000 ₩ for large), Bokkeumjjamppong (5,500 ₩) and Jajangmyeon (4,000 ₩, or add 1,000 ₩ for extra size).

Service was pretty fast and our jajangmyeon was served first.
It was HUGE! And I can’t believe that it’s just 5,000 ₩ or PHP200. It tasted divine too with the slightly sweet black bean sauce and well cooked noodles. It was really heavy dish (I can’t even lift a chopstick full without exerting effort) so it is best for sharing.
The Bokkeumjjampong was also pretty good. It was the milder version of Jjamppong and I love it! The serving of seafood and veggies was generous so it was a dish oozing with flavor (and a bit of spice which is totally manageable). It was slightly oily though so those who are not fond of that odd oily feel left on your tongue may not go so crazy over this dish.
E’s favorite, Tangsuyuk, was L-O-V-E. Okay, it was just sweet and sour pork but there was something that made it deeeeelightful. I loved the crunchy breading and the packed pork inside. The sauce was quite thick and had the right balance of zest and sweetness. (Argh, I’m drooling now!)

The lovely crisp of the breading and the crunch of the veggies made this dish a winner! No wonder E loves this!
Overall, it was a memorable dinner. And it was so memorable that my mom and sister can’t stop talking about it.

Hong Kong Banjum 0410 Plus is located right beside Migliore, near Dongdaemun Station Exit 8.

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