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Kam's Roast is now in Manila

Another Michelin-starred restaurant has reached Manila! This time, the famous foodie destination Kam's Roast has found a home at SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall and it will open this May 15 serving its mouthwatering roast meats. And I was lucky to be one of the few to have a sneak peek of FOODEE Global Concepts' newest venture.

Hello, Kam's Roast!
Known for its mouthwatering roast goose, Kam's Roast in Hong Kong has never been without a long queue in front of its facade. After all, it's not like all restaurants in the small city can impress food connoisseurs like Anthony Bourdain. 
Kam's Roast comes from the family behind Yung Kee restaurant with an impressive culinary heritage that could be traced back in the 1940s. But it was not until 2014 when third generation Hardy Kam decided to open Kam's Roast to honor his grandfather's and father's culinary legacy. 
Designed as the country's go-to roast restaurant, Kam's Roast offers delectable signature dishes and bestsellers like Roast Duck (PHP750, upper 1/4 | PHP900, lower 1/4 | PHP1,500, half | PHP2,800, whole), Soya Chicken (PHP500, half | PHP980, whole), Roast Suckling Pig (PHP800, plate | PHP3,200, half | PHP6,000, whole), BBQ Pork (PHP600, plate), Toro Char Siu (PHP 700, plate) and Crispy Roast Pork (PHP700, plate). We also tried Marinated Cucumber in Vinegar and Garlic (PHP220), Marinated Tofu (PHP180), Braised Noodles with Ginger and Scallion (PHP220), Braised Noodles with Shrimp Roe (PHP240) and Wonton Soup (PHP280, serves 6). I also enjoyed a glass of Iced Barley (PHP70). 
First served were Marinated Cucumber and Marinated Tofu. 
Marinated Cucumber was really good! It was love at first bite and I couldn't wait to have more of this refreshing zesty dish. It definitely teased my taste buds and whet my appetite. 
The marinated tofu's good too and was a lovely contrast to the crunchy cucumber with its soft and silky texture. 
Next served were plate after plate of mouthwatering meats. 
Kam's Roast's Soya Chicken was one of the juiciest white meats I've had! 
Each bite was oozing with flavor and the ginger sauce served on the side further brought out its delectable taste. It's perfect for those who prefer lighter flavors. 
There are two types of char siu to choose from-- BBQ Pork or Char Siu and Toro Char Siu which is the fattier cut. 
Though both were tender, flavorful and something I'd stuff myself with for week after week, I would choose Toro Char Siu in a heart beat if I have to pick one. 
Doused in sweet barbecue sauce, each bite has that perfect harmony between sweet and savory. Be very careful with this as it is very (very) addictive. 
If you are a big fan of Lechon Macau, then you'd enjoy Kam's Roast's Roast Pork. The juicy meat and unbelievably crispy skin would make you want to order a plate for yourself. This clean-tasting meat is served sharp mustard sauce. And you have to eat your perfectly roasted pork with the sour dip for that delectable contrast in flavor. 
And the highlight of our lunch was Roast Duck.
Though goose is more popular than duck in Kam's Roast, the former will not be available in Manila due to strict government regulations in importing poultry from China. However, Kam's Roast Philippines found another option, by offering foreign-bred, locally grown ducks from Davao. 
If you're planning to skip this dish with the thought that it wouldn't be as good as the ones you've had from Hong Kong or Singapore, chances are, you'd regret it. Kam's Roast Philippines' duck was roasted to impress! You are guaranteed to have juicy and flavorful duck meat as each duck is marinated for two days in the sauce that the Kam family makes for over 70 years. It may not be as fatty, but its tender and succulent meat is enough to keep me going back for more.
Do pair your roast meats in braised noodles if you're not fond of rice. 
Go for Ginger and Scallion if you dislike strong smelling dishes. And don't forget to dip it in the soup it comes with.
There's also this delectable Wonton Soup you have to eat with your favorite roasts! It's the perfect way to take a break from meats... for a few seconds or minutes. 

Overall, it was a lovely meal and I can't wait to be back to bring my family. I'll definitely order roast duck, soya chicken, roast pork, and toro char siu with marinated cucumber on the side. I'll also grab a plate of roast suckling pig for added crunch. 
So, see you at the grand opening tomorrow?

Kam's Roast is located at 3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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