Monday, November 7, 2016

Second Bite: Peperoni Pizzeria

An email from P marks the start of (crash) diet. With all the scheduled eat ups, I had to make more tummy space for… more food. I tried my best to have smaller meals but realized after a spoonful or two that such is an impossible task. And no shortcut could prepare me for last night’s rendezvoos. (Yes, looloo uses double o’s because 1) looloo has two double o’s and 2) why not?!) 

Hello again, Peperoni Pizzeria!
Firs off, thank you so much for waiting for us! I know we were a couple of hours late but we still felt the warm welcome. Thank you too for allowing three superb pizzas sit for 2 hours for us to take photos. I did my best to take nice photos of it. 
Our gracious host, Andrew, asked R and I what we want to try right after our brief greeting. Still awkward from our unacceptable tardiness, we asked for the pizzas to be heated. But Andrew refused and had us order one pasta and he also had a half-half of Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Bacon Miele (PHP380, 9” | PHP565, 12” | PHP1,250, 21”) and Tortino al Cioccolato (PHP365). For our pasta, we chose Aglio Olio e Peperocino (PHP340). 
First served was the half and half pizza and it sure smelled so good. I got a whiff of the sweet aroma of honey and the sharp smell of cheese as soon as the plate was served. The pasta and dessert were served soon after and we didn’t even notice it as we were busy taking photos of the picturesque half and half pizza. After a few more snapshots, we started to dig in. 
The pasta was cooked al dente and had a garlicky and slightly spicy taste. 
One order is definitely great for sharing; though one won’t have any trouble finishing a bowl alone as the dish isn’t cloying. 
The Prosciutto Crudo di Parma could get very salty because of the thin cured ham topping so make sure that you enjoy each mouthful with some rocket salad to offset the saltiness. 
The Bacon Miele was something new to me. The pizza sure was salty too because of the generous serving of bacon bits and gouda cheese
But the saltiness of these two favorites were somehow balanced by the sweetness of the honey and refreshing flavor of oregano. The toppings just didn’t blend so well though as there were some parts that were too salty or too sweet. 

After finishing my pizza slices, I began to devour the heavenly molten chocolate cake
It sure was moist, rich and not an inch short of being called divine. It had the right amount of sweetness and density. It wasn’t light nor heavy making it the perfect dessert to cap the night. It went well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream which created a nice play between the warm lava cake and the cold sweet ending. 
I also loved the candied pistachio and strawberry bits which added texture and burst of different flavors to the dessert. I would definitely go back for more of this! 
Overall, it was a fun night! I discovered a new dessert favorite and I got a chance to catch up with friends and meet other looloo-ers. Thank you, looloo and Peperoni!

Peperoni Pizzeria is located at 3rd Floor, Uptown Bonifacio Mall, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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