Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First Bite: Brad & Pit's Ribshack

Ribs became a crowd favorite ever since the popularity of Rub Ribs, Tomahawk and other ribs place that made the delectable piece of savory meat accessible to people with limited food budget. And with its popularity came other food joints and one of the later players is Brad & Pit’s Ribshack.

Hello, Brad & Pit’s Ribshack!
The place was quite full when we arrived and I was thinking how our big party will fit in the restaurant. As I follow the others roam around the restaurant, we were surprised that there’s another dining area at the back of the restaurant. This area actually serves as a private function area for small parties. 
As we marvel over the vinyl cover displays, plate after plate of delectable dishes were placed on the long dark table. 

Dishes served were the following: Mount Nachos(PHP195), Dynamite Sticks (PHP165), Wings (PHP220, small), Taco Sticks (PHP165), Original Rib Mountain (PHP245, small—good for 2 pax), Cubano (PHP135), Steak Combo (PHP225), Blueberry Cheesecake (PHP145), Brownies ala mode (PHP120), Chocolate Milkshake (PHP135) and Cucumber Shake (PHP95). 

This was our Marikina food crawl’s fifth stop so most of us were already itching to crawl to bed; but with these mouthwatering dishes before us, how could we?
I first sampled Brad & Pit’s famous ribs and it was pretty good. The meat was very soft and well marinated with its sweet barbecue sauce. I bet it would have tasted even better with the sides but I had to skip those to be able to try the other dishes. 
I didn't try the wings since I was told that it was quite spicy. My tolerance for spicy food is low. And by low, I mean very low. 
I skipped the Dynamite Sticks too as the word dynamite scared me. 
But I got to try the Taco Sticks and I liked it. Brad & Pit used ribs too in their tacos hence each bite was very meaty and packed with flavor. Actually, they also use ribs in their sandwiches and tacos.
Speaking of sandwiches, I had a bite of their cubano and it was pretty good too. It was your simple Cuban sandwich with grilled pork and sweet ham swimming in barbecue sauce and stuffed in between two crisp baguettes. Though I’ve had better, at PHP135, this one is not bad at all!
I wasn’t able to try the nachos but I heard that it was pretty good and flavorful too! 
We didn’t get to enjoy the steak at its best as it already turned cold when we had a bite. It was a bit tough but tasty. But if I were to order, I’d stick with ribs.
The desserts were the highlights of the night as no other stop prior to this one served sweet treats. I loved both blueberry cheesecake and brownies ala mode. 
The texture of the blueberry cheesecake was pretty good and I liked the slight tangy and cheesy taste of it which was well complemented by the blueberries. 
The brownies ala mode on the other hand was chocolatey goodness without being overwhelming. It was thick but not cloying. And topping it with ice cream was simply divine. 
I wasn’t able to get a sip of the chocolate milkshake but just looking at how others enjoyed it, it must be good. I always believe that nothing beats simple milkshakes
I liked the cucumber shake as it was refreshing and not very sweet which helped quench my thirst. 
Overall, it was a pleasant visit at Brad & Pit’s Ribshack. I will definitely visit its Kapitolyo branch soon for more ribs!
Brad & Pit’s Ribshack is located at 116 Lilac Street, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City.

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