Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Freezer Burn Halloween Special

I have been a big fan of Chefs Miko and Kristine ever since I visited Le Petit SoufflĂ©. Every dish I tried in their beautiful restaurant impressed me and I always drool for more. And when they opened their dessert shop Freezer Burn, I had to make sure that I’d be among the first foodies to try the famous chefs' creative treats. And just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed, the dynamic duo made my heart skip a beat with their witty combinations. And that was just the beginning as they had something special in store for Halloween. 

Hello again, Freezer Burn!

I know, it is quite to talk about Halloween as it has been a week already. But hey, one is never too late for desserts
Freezer Burn, a dessert shop known for its creative cold treats, is at it again with its special Halloween dessert which recreates a creepy but sweet tombstone.

The ice cream used for this one is mascarpone and it placed on a bed of crushed meringue for crunch and topped with chocolate syrup and powder to represent soil. For the tombstone and dismembered finger, Freezer Burn used a buttermilk cookie. The nail of the finger is made of an almond. For those who want a bit of gory or bloody effect to match the season, you may drizzle some raspberry sauce (in the syringe) on your ice cream. 
The end result? Delightfully eerie and yummy!

I loved the various textures in this dessert. There were a bit of crunch and chewiness to contrast the smoothness of the ice cream. The slight tanginess of the raspberry syrup was also a nice touch for that different kick of flavor. 
We also got to sample Cherry Pie, an LTO (limited time offer) flavor. R finished this one for me as I am not fond of cherries. R commented though that it was not all cherries as some were of different hues and seemed like blueberries. The base ice cream though was great as it was rich and tasted like cheesecake

I hope they keep the Halloween Special combo till Christmas. Perhaps turn the tombstone into a Christmas Tree? In case they don’t though, visit Freezer Burn soon as this treat will only be available until November 20. 
P.S. Freezer Burn now has Solo sizes for its composed desserts at PHP225. Yay! 

Freezer Burn is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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