Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love at First Bite: Paradise Dynasty

S Maison is such a nice place to visit as a it is slowly turning into a space bustling with new restaurants and franchises. It is the first choice of restaurants such as Chibo Okonomiyaki, Uma Uma! and Locavore’s newest baby Carnivale. I’d frequent this place if only it is near me but the hellish traffic makes it a long distance relationship. But thanks to some work related tasks, I ended up in this posh mall once again for lunch. And that was when I spotted a new restaurant on its soft opening. Those two words always work like magic and soon, I was right in front of the restaurant staring at its lighted menu. 

Hello, Paradise Dynasty
I was sold the moment I saw this restaurant’s Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (PHP388) and asked the friendly hostess if there were any tables available as the place was still packed at 2 p.m.. Luckily, there were a few tables left and I was quickly ushered inside.
I was greeted by yellow lights and wooden interiors and wall decors that look like lanterns or vases. There is also a stone wall with dragon carving on it.
I wanted to get the basket of colorful xiao long bao (which Paradise Dynasty claims to have natural pigments extracted from plants) but was worried that the Szechuan Xiao Long Bao (PHP230, 6 pcs. | PHP380, 10 pcs.) or the red one might be a bit too hot for me. In the end, I went with the safer option and got Signature Original Xiao Long Bao (PHP188, 6 pcs. | PHP 298, 10 pcs.). I also ordered Lotus Paste Bun with Salted Egg Yolk (PHP138, 3 pcs.) because of the words “salted egg yolk”.
While waiting, I had a sip of Paradise Dynasty’s house tea and it was… yes, free. And it was pretty good too! It had a nice rich taste without being bitter. 
Soon, my xiao long bao was served. 
After a few snapshots here and there, I started to nibble the top of my favorite steamed love and had a tiny sip of the broth inside and… it was heavenly! I poured some black vinegar with ginger inside it and it became an indescribable gastronomical experience. I was in pure bliss. (And I drool as I type and recall that magical moment.)
“Shucks, I should have not pretended that I’m on a diet and ordered 10 pieces instead of 6!” That was me talking to myself after my first xiao long bao
I was down to my last three pieces of xiao long bao when my piping hot steamed bun with lotus paste and salted egg yolk was served. 
And it was pretty good too. It was like eating a moon cake, only, it had a mantao as its outer layer. 
I loved the blend of the smooth sweet lotus paste and grainy salty egg yolk. But three pieces were a bit too much for one person. I just ate one and had the other two to go. 

Overall, it was a lovely dining experience. The servers were very polite and my food was served right away. (Well, maybe except with my bill as I had to follow it up.) I will definitely be back to try the other xiao long bao flavors!

Paradise Dynasty is located at 2nd Floor, S Maison, Conrad Hotel, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. 

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