Monday, October 3, 2016

When in Seoul: Visit Hello Cat!

I have an intense love for furry animals. I just love to pet dogs, cats, and any adorable animals I could get my hands on. My dream is to be able to hug the following: bears, tigers, lions and wolves. Since my dream could kill me, I’ll settle with being surrounded by adorable cats for now. But the cat cafés in Manila were a bit far from my area and I hate to say this… the cats are not that cute for me to brave the traffic. And so I kept delaying my trip to the nearest cat café and ended up visiting Hello Cat! in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea instead. 
Meow*, Hello Cat!
My sister and I were supposed to head to another cat café that seems more adorable with its chic interiors. But the tourist information center failed us and we ended up visiting a smaller cat café which is located on the third floor of a building with a bingsu place on the second floor. 
Since it was drizzling that afternoon, my sister and I didn’t bother to look for the other cat café anymore even if we have some discount vouchers for it. 
We were greeted by a black cat signage on the wall heading to the front door of the café. Once we got in, we were instructed to remove our shoes and wear the slippers provided by the café. We were also instructed to sanitize our hands before entering the cat zone. 
Once inside, we settled our bill (KW8,000 per person) and ordered a drink each. We both got hot chocolate as we were really cold from the pre-winter breeze. 
While waiting for our drinks and after putting our stuff inside the lockers under the seats, we ogled over the adorable cats. Some were grouchy while some were just mesmerized by the raindrops on the window or taking a cat nap. 
Since we were not allowed to lift the cats, we decided to buy a cat treat for KW2,000. It was worth it! 
The cats kept approaching us and some even tried to charm their way for more treats! My sister and I were in cat heaven!
The best part about this café is that there is no time limit! I think my sister and I spent over 2 hours petting cats and being our crazy cat lady selves. 
We liked the Scottish Fold cat best as it makes the funniest faces when we feed it. 
We were having such a blast that we forgot about our drinks. We managed to take a sip after half an hour or so and our drinks were already lukewarm. No worries though as the place was warm and cozy. 
Before heading out, my sister and I used the lint removers and we had to use several squares before being cat hair free! That’s that we get from hours of bliss
I can’t wait to visit more cat cafés in Seoul. Maybe I’ll visit the Myeongdong Cat Café next!
*Meow means hello just to avoid it being redundant with the name of the cat café. 
Note: What really happens when you have treats...

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