Friday, October 14, 2016

Not Your Typical Cup: Happy Beans Rainbow Coffee Latte

Flat white, 3D latte art, coffee with flower petals and now, colorful cup of coffee. Wait, what?! Yes, your usual black or brown cup of joe had a bit of makeover and it made coffee lovers go wild. Well, almost. 

Hello, Happy Beans!
This adorable coffee shop is located at the 2nd floor of Metrowalk, inside Mall of Korea. 
I was so giddy when I finally step foot inside the Instagram-worthy cafĂ© where every corner deserves a photo or two. We got to the place a bit late but the friendly staff welcomed us with a big smile on her face. We were told though that we could only order drinks during that time as the kitchen is already closed. It was okay as we came to try Happy Beans Rainbow Coffee Latte (PHP128).
While waiting for our drinks, we took several snapshots of the place, from the cute salt and pepper shakers to the shelf full of board and card games. 
I then noticed the barista prepping the milk. It signalled me to approach the bar to take some photos of her making the colorful cup of caffeine. I happily asked her if she could prep it on the counter so that we could take photos of it. However, I just got an annoyed and loud “Teka lang miss. Ginagawa ko pa.” reply from the barista. She said it a couple of times too every time I approach the counter. She also banged some of the tools she used on the steel counter which I thought was to let out her annoyance. I figured that I must have been very annoying that night or that she was PMS-ing. 
But she was not annoyed. She was actually frustrated with the new machine they got that night. She could not get the right temperature to make the perfect milk to create the popular rainbow coffee latte. She threw away perhaps four to five cups before serving ours. 
After getting the right temperature, she called me back to take a photo of the magical transformation of coffee.
I was at awe when I saw her make the latte art. At first, I thought that she puts the latte art after pouring coffee, just like how others make it. 
But she actually makes it WHILE pouring coffee. I have no idea how she makes it but I was very impressed. 
The coffee beans are sourced locally and were sadly overpowered by milk. It was like drinking a very milky cup of cappuccino. Then again, it was perfect that time as it was already almost 10:45 pm when we got our coffee.
And to make up for the long wait, Zappy, the head barista whom we thought was pissed with us, didn’t let us pay for our coffee. She didn’t really have to as she already won us back when we witnessed how challenging it is to make rainbow latte. 
I’ll definitely be back to try the other drinks and perhaps some of the savory dishes. 

Happy Beans is located at 2nd Floor, Mall of Korea, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.

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  1. So after all that, you still liked the beverage, huh?


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