Tuesday, October 18, 2016

First Bite: Brick Burger

"Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome! When we’re living our dream.” Those lines have been stuck in my head ever since I watched The Lego Movie. I still go crazy whenever I hear it and I just have to sing along! And I got crazier when I found out that a Lego themed burger joint opened a few months back, I just have to visit it soon!

Hello, Brick Burger!
The place was packed with families on a rainy Sunday afternoon but we were lucky to score the last vacant table. 
We were quickly assisted to our table and were handed menu cards. There are not a lot of dishes to choose from as Brick Burger focused on comfort dishes such as chicken wings, pasta, hotdogs, fries, nachos and of course, burgers. After much thought, we went with Cheesy Mac (PHP210) and Fries (PHP65). 
While waiting for our order, I took more photos of the adorable display and realized that they do not have Lego bricks for diners to play with. I guess it is also to avoid the headache of possible theft or having to clean greasy bricks. But I still think that having these colorful toys available for diners to play with is a nice idea and would entice kids to pester their parents to come back for more. 
After a short while, the plate of fries was served and it looked sad, really sad. I could easily count the fries with my hands! 
And it was also a bit too salty. 
The Lego-ed cheeseburger was served next and it did look cute and Instagram-worthy. I was a bit iffy with the bun’s bright red color but eventually took a big bite after several snapshots. 
The bun was a bit chewy and the buttons (or brick locks) on top were quite hard. The patty was quite good as it was succulent and flavorful. However, I only got to appreciate it when I ate it without the salty mac n cheese and bacon bits. The cheesy macaroni was just too overwhelming and the bacon bits made the whole burger even saltier. I just had a couple of bites and had everything else wrapped. 
I ate the leftover burger the following day and surprisingly, it tasted better! I’m not sure if it was because I was expecting it to be worse than before or if I’m getting used to eating leftovers; but I liked the leftover burger more than when it was fresh. Then again, it must be because I skipped the top bun which I accidentally burnt and that bun took out of the cheese hence made the burger less salty. 
Overall, Brick Burger offers a refreshing and cute concept but do not expect food that’ll make you go wow. It may be Instagram-worthy but average at best.  

Brick Burger is located at 2nd Floor, Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Avenue, Maybunga, Pasig City. 

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