Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First Bite: The Olive Treat

Ber months are definitely the season to be a fatty. With Christmas just around the corner, I could feel my pants getting tighter and my schedule starting to become a hot mess. I have always been away on weekends for events or dinner out and I was getting tired of being away from my bed or couch all the time. Hence, I was so happy when I finally got to stay at home once again on a Saturday. Staycation was something I needed to recharge. And it was made even more special with some delectable dishes from The Olive Treat.

Hello, The Olive Treat!
I got a sweet message from Mark of The Olive Treat asking if I would like to try their Sisig ni Olives (PHP300/half kilo | PHP500/kilo) after seeing my comment on Foodgrammerph’s post. I quickly said yes and inquired about its famous Stuffed Iberico Chicken (PHP550/whole chicken). To my surprise, Mark offered to give me a sample of his roasted chicken and Birthday Spaghetti (PHP900/pyrex) too. After a few more exchanges, we have finally set on a date for the delivery of the mouthwatering dishes. And true to his word, he got to my place on time. 

We didn’t get to have time to chat as Mark seemed to be in a hurry and I was still in my pajamas and half asleep when I picked up the food. But my small linear eyes widened when I got a sniff of the fragrant chicken. 
I started to prepare my lovely lunch ASAP and I was so giddy when I opened the chicken’s packaging. The Olive Treat gave me a whole chicken!!! And it took a lot of willpower not to attack it while plating it and waiting for the rice to be ready. I tried to keep myself distracted by taking photos of the three dishes till I heard the sweetest click sound from the rice cooker. 
I sampled the sisig first and it was pretty tasty. This one was more on the chewy than crunchy side. 
Though I prefer my sisig to have that delightful crunch, this one wasn’t bad at all. I drizzled calamansi juice on it to have a lovely contrast of salty and tangy flavors. 
Next was the birthday spaghetti and it surely deserves to be the store’s bestselling dish. The pasta was al dente and it was so cheesy! It was also made just like how most Filipinos like it… sweet. I loved it!
After slurping my portion of spaghetti, I began to slice some of the beautifully roasted chicken
I have to admit, it was a tad dry but it was easily addressed by the sauce paired with it. The breast part was not as flavorful as the rest of the chicken but overall, it was a great dish perfect for holiday potlucks! Also, I should have not cooked rice as the chicken was stuffed with rice! This chicken surely is a hassle-free dish!

I’d definitely order spaghetti and try its Slow Roasted Pork Belly (PHP750/kilo with minimum of 2 kilos per order) soon!

To order, contact The Olive Treat at +63 9 17 816 2726.

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