Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Restaurant Love: Black Sheep

I am not a picky eater but one thing I am allergic to would be "expensive" food. I guess I have the I-could-eat-this-much-which-is-a-lot-instead-of-spending-it-with-this-one-pricey-dish. Okay, I still blame my Bistecca experience. It really affected how I view restaurants serving expensive dishes. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind spending a few thousands for a nice lunch or dinner. But if I walk out with a sad or still hungry tummy, I turn into an angry foodie. Thus, it took a bit of convincing before I finally gave in to try...

Hello, Black Sheep!

Located at the Penthouse of W Building at the 32nd and 5th, it definitely doesn't sound like casual dining. I was surprised though that the place wasn't as uptight as I thought. (In fact, despite not knowing, I opted to wear a summer dress and flat sandals.) 
The host guided us to our table and handed our personalized menu. (As a sucker for anything personalized, they get 5 stars already!) I also like that despite getting a specific set, we still have a freedom to choose some appetizers, mains, etc. 
First served was the Chicken and Egg. Charmingly plated, it was a piece of deep-fried chicken, marinated in soy and topped with salmon roe and submerged in raw egg. I was iffy at first to try it as I have never tried gulping raw egg. But since it looked divine, I gave it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was flavorful and slightly crisp and the remaining liquid was warm and slightly sweet. 
This was followed by a bowl of warm Tocino Bread. It was light and sweet because of the tocino bits.
Served next was the Longganisa Ice Cream. What made me go crazy over this dish was the fact that they were able to capture all the tastes you get from eating a longsilog. Aside from the sweet and meaty taste of longganisa, there was also the crispy black rice, pork flakes, and even the tangy taste of vinegar. It was an amazing dish! The vinegar was turned into this jelly base that made me smile like a fool while finishing it. I also ate the flower!

My favorite dish of the night soon followed. Presenting, the Mock Nuggets!
It was named Mock Nuggets because it looked like your usual McNuggets only it wasn't chicken. It was deep fried mashed potatoes with cauliflower and corn served with truffle aioli. It was so delicious! (Okay, slightly biased here as I'm such a mashed potato lover!)
The Vegetable Garden was another interesting dish. It includes all the vegetables from the song "Bahay Kubo". It made my throat itch though.
My Three-Way Prawn, where the prawns were cooked in three different ways, was disappointing. The first one was steamed prawns in 70 degrees Celsius. However, I wasn't able to differentiate it from a typical steamed prawn. The prawn spring roll on the other hand tasted like tempura.The only one that did not disappoint me was the prawn dumpling that had a soupy inside and had a subtle coconut flavor.
L's Kitayama Tenderloin had a not so attractive price tag on it but it sure was yummy. The beef was so tender and juicy and the black ink sauce made it even more interesting.

 Now for the sweets...
The Foie Gras Rocher was my favorite! Who would have thought that duck liver covered in Malagos chocolate and nuts would go great together? It was divine! The sweetness of the chocolate balanced the slightly bitter taste of the foie gras. It was too hard though and there was definitely no way to eat it with poise.
The Praline was great too! A multi layer cake with praline mousse, brownie, and barquillos, it made me crave for more! Only, it was not my dessert. It was L's.
My Cigar dessert which had a coffee spongecake and 1881 Don Urquijo, tasted pretty much like...cigar. I couldn't even stand one spoonful. L gladly changed desserts though. Yey!
I was too stuffed though to try the last bowl of dessert but it looked yummy too.
Overall, PHP1,900 for a 9-course meal at Black Sheep was a decent price to pay. The ambiance was nice too and we got a table with a nice view of the city.

Thank you, L. 

Black Sheep is located at W Fifth Avenue. 32nd and 5th. The Penthouse. Bonifacio Global City.

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