Monday, June 30, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Open Kitchen by 48 Concepts

I'm glad that my friends remember me when they want to try a new place. I got to reconnect with a few schoolmates because of my passion for food and I get to meet new people because of it as well. Food is definitely L-O-V-E.
K has been asking that we do a food trip soon but our schedules never match. But it finally did one Sunday and E, a schoolmate one batch higher, joined us as well. It was a little School of Management reunion of three generations.
Since I tried almost every restaurant in Kapitolyo, I get to pick where we'll feast and I chose Open Kitchen by 48 Concepts as I have never been there and I have read great reviews about this place.
The place is pretty small but definitely cozy. Parking, just like with the other restaurants, is a challenge but it's not really an issue if you live around the area. But what made me smile like a fool were the small stick men on the bricks! I find it adorable.
K and E were already munching on Sausage Saute (PHP285) when I arrived. The sausages were rather flavorful and meaty and I enjoyed every bite of it.
After a short chit chat, we decided to order. K went for a burger (which I totally forgot but I believe it was lamb burger). E went for the Rosemary Beef Shanks (PHP530) while I ordered Pumpkin Vanilla (PHP140), Tuna Tartar (PHP185), Anise Pork Belly (PHP420) and Green Goblet for my beverage.

First served was the Pumpkin Vanilla which was presented in an amazing manner. It was served as plated scoop of Vanilla ice cream then the server started to pour hot pumpkin soup. 

The result, a rich and simply divine and creamy pumpkin soup!
Next served was the Tuna Tartar. I loved the combination of different textures from the smooth feel of tuna bits to the crunchy toasts. I also love the sweet yet slightly tangy taste of the mango puree. This is one perfect starter! 
 Finally, the main dishes were served...
K did not react much on his burger and perhaps that's the reason why I cannot remember it.
Okay, E's dish isn't that photogenic but this one was such a yummy dish! The beef shank was so soft and it went well with the mashed sweet potatoes. It was savory yet slightly deadly.

Now for my Anise Pork Belly...
I love how soft the pork was and how fragrant it was. It was sweet and simply heavenly. The serving might look enough for one but with its strong flavors, it should be split to two. (Then again, I manage to finish it. But it was forced because I hate wasting food.)
The Green Goblet, a combination of pineapple and kale, sure was a refreshing drink. It sounded very healthy too without it tasting healthy. (Am I making sense?) I was told to drink it with the grilled pineapple for a contrast of the cold drink and the warm fruit. The result? An amazing beverage!

I will definitely visit again!
Open Kitchen is located at 71-B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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