Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Grande Torino

Social media makes me fat. There, I said it. Every time I see a food post, I drool and I always end up asking the postee (is that even a term?) where he or she got that particular dish. Soon, I find myself sitting in the same restaurant giddily munching like there’s no end. And it happened again last weekend. Maybe I will lose weight if I stop checking Instagram and Facebook. Hmm… Nah. Even if I don’t check, I sense it. 

The stop of the day is courtesy of H’s Instagram post. Her caption made me so curious that I just have to change my plan of exploring Teachers Village to a Kapitolyo food trip. Luckily, J was okay with the sudden change (since we plan on having lunch at Blacksoup Café + Artspace). Sorry J for being a fickle-minded foodie.

Presenting… Grande Torino.
The place was a bit away from the bustling area of restaurants of Kapitolyo. You can surely miss this restaurant if you have no idea that there’s an Italian restaurant in this area as it is slightly hidden with only Smile Elephant Thai Restaurant as the other restaurant nearby.

If I recall it right, there was only one other table occupied when we arrived and it was lunch time on a Saturday. I guess the place is still yet to be discovered.

The friendly waitress guided us on what to order and we went with the following: Patè  di tonno (PHP65), 4 Stagoni (PHP490), Filetto (PHP350/100 grams with 300 grams as minimum order), and Green Apple Yoga juice (PHP120) while J had wine.
Service was rather quick. First served were our drinks and I was surprised (and felt rather dumb too) to find out that Italian Yoga Juice meant that the brand is Yoga and it came from Italy. I thought it was something preferred by yogis! The server gave me another glass, this time with water as she mentioned that the juice is too concentrated. It was fine with me though.
Next served was the appetizer. To be honest, the patè lacks taste. I coudn't taste the tuna and anchovies. In short, it was forgettable.

The angus beef tenderloin filet was served next and to our surprise, it was plated in a very simple manner. It made me wonder if that's how steaks should be served and I was just lack culture in my blood. (Will Yakult do the trick? Fine, it's a corny joke.)
It was split into two as J and I have different preferences with our meat. He prefers his medium rare while I prefer mine medium well. In the end though, both were slightly bloody and quite gummy as well. 
The pizza though was good. I was surprised with the size of it as it was pretty big for two people to finish. Indeed, it was greasy but I enjoyed it. I loved the ones with Parma ham and the one with artichokes. I didn't try the one with olives since I am not fond of it. The one with mushrooms on top was slightly bland.

I am still not giving up on this restaurant though. H was very happy with her experience so I will give this another go. But I will definitely skip the Filetto and Patè  di tonno. Perhaps pasta this time?

 Grande Torino is located at 59 West Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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