Friday, July 4, 2014

First Bite: Edgy Veggy

It was yet another T2 dinner and since I have this it-has-to-be-near-me-or-else-I-will-not-show-up rule, J and I decided to have dinner somewhere near my place. One place that caught my interest was Edgy Veggy. They joined Yummy Eats before but I never had the chance to try their food simply because I was too busy... not eating. (Can you believe that?!) Since we have not tried the restaurant's dishes before, we opted to have our 14th of the month dinner there instead.
Hello, Edgy Veggy!

It took me a long while before paying the place a visit simply because it sounded so healthy and I have never been a fan of healthy (tasting) food. But since I was feeling A LOT heavier these past months, I finally convinced myself and J to have dinner here.

The place is pretty small and could only accommodate around 10-15 people maximum at a time. (Well, they do deliver though.) The menu is also very simple and doesn't offer a wide selection of dishes but good enough to cover the basics. 

J went for the Moroccan Rice Meal (PHP230) while I ordered the Spinach Pasta (PHP175), Fried Risotto Balls (PHP160) and Pineapple Shake (PHP100).

The risotto balls were served first and it was surprisingly delightful. Béchamel infused risotto balls with three kinds of mushroom wrapped in crispy panko crust and paired with marinara sauce was a winning combination. The flavors were light and it sure worked as a great appetizer.

Sadly, the main dishes were not as great.
J's Moroccan Rice Meal which was composed of falafels (deep-fried patty made of ground chickpeas) with hummus, turmeric rice pilaf, chickpea stew and side salad. Pretty generous for PHP230 but the flavors were too weak. 

My spinach pasta made me want cheese, lots of cheese. However, the restaurant ran out when we were there. It was blander than the acceptable bland. Interestingly though, it was the type of dish that eventually grows on you.

The Pinapple shake had less sugar so it was not as sweet as those I've had before. It definitely tasted like fiber.

Overall, it might take me a while before I visit again. But will definitely order those risotto balls again.

Edgy Veggy is located at 3 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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